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coma treament or movement
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A stone

There are people that are busy all day building. Some are using stones to build houses, others are building factories and the energetic master-builder builds new people.

The people that do not know that they are master-builders on the energetic level, may feel pains that the doctor says they can not exist.

Those people can go to the doctors because they are in pain and the doctor, nor his colleagues find a disorder in the physical system.

As these doctors never learned about the connections that the physical body has with the emotional and mental body. The doctor does not know how to help the patient.

And this patient becomes immobile. And as the doctor says that he can not help this patient, the patient gets uncertain. The doctor might even say that the patient has hallucinations or a disorder in his thinking.

The disorder in the tinking might be that the patient can not believe that a patient in coma can not be helped to move again.

Especially the helping person that has felt the movements that the patient makes, will not accept the thought that a patient in coma will never be able to move again.

The therapist that is a therapist that has the goal to make himself no longer needed, not because the patient died, but because the patient can move himself, will always search.

He will search for another way to treat the patient and he will search for the message that his patients have for him.

Everyone we meet is a mirror of us. It may be a small part of us and it may be the whole of us or the future, the past, that we share.

We feel comfortoble with persons that mirror our health, our love and our sharing of this love. "Love heals alls wounds" it says, Where is love gone in the white world of coma?


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Tis story wants to give you
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