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The desert

The desert seems a place where life is impossible but there are people that live in the desert. They stayed there after they found out how they can live there.

Life in the desert is not like life in the town where most of the people live. And it says that more and more people will move into the towns as they hope to find work there.

The life on the countryside becomes more and more impossible. Not only in China are farmers sent away so buildings can be built on that green spot.

The people that earn money with selling and building these buildings seem not to be aware about the fact that people sill not be able to live if all the green spots are built on.

This is not true, that people will not be able to live if all the green spots are built on, as the modern human being has developed that much that he will not need to eat.

He will let his love flow and share it will all those he comes in contact with and this gives him so much energy that he will no longer eat.

As the food that still will be sold, is no longer healthy. Chemicals are used to make the plants push out of the soil and when they got up, other chemicals are used to make that the plants looks nice.

The chemicals that the food has anno 2013 are already killing people.


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