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coma treatment or movement
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The modern way of going at the country side, where the people that live in town go in the weekend to get some fresh air, has changed.

There must have been people that did not feel secure on their feet anymore and they did, what the old ones have been doing for centuries already.

The old persons took a cane if the did not feel secure on their feet. In winter you saw more people using a cane than in summer, as the snow and ice on the pavement would become a danger if one was not secure enough on his feet.

The child that is used to fall and get hurt, does not take a cane. It has the experience that it is not in danger when it falls. The fall might damage the clothes or the skin but it does not have any life danger in it.

The child that has been in life danger and experienced the state of coma, has no fear for dieing. It knows that the light that invites to die is beautiful and is looking for this light the rest of its life.

It is afraid of bltzlight of a camara, that is suddenly and strong, as this light hurts. It hurts in the head and all say that that is impossible, but the child feels the pain.

Like the grown up that tells the doctor that he just saw double with one eye and is told that that is impossible. The grown up experienced it but the doctor has another view.

There is more under the sun than that what we can see, smell or hear. Love is not to be mesured directly. But it can be seen.

Everybody sees how the other one feels. Human being has a way of shining that everybody sees, mostly unaware. This observation makes that everybody is sure at once that he likes or does not like the person that he sees the first time.

The first time, someone is not yet programmed after the experiences that one had with this person. The fight that one had with someone that made that one was hurt, will influence the relationship.

It may be the reason to avoid to meet each other and it may also be a reason to try to move. Moving is always a deed of activity that will change the world as earth needs movements of all living creatures to be able to stay in movement.

If all creatures sit down and stopp moving, earth will loose her speed and stopp moving, which makes that one part of earth will burn and the other one will freeze.

The freezing attitude of some persons that are responsible for patients in coma, is very special. They say, that they want the best for the patient, but if the treatment that is given, does not have the desired result, they do not accept that the treatment has to be changed.

Like there are nursing homes that have the rule, that the patients must be connected to a breath stimulating machine. That means that this nursing home does not try to make the patient independent from the breath stimulating machine.

And that means that the patients will not be able to breath normally, as the normal breath is a combination of the emotional breath and the mental breath. This combination is not possible if a machine is installed.

The breathing machine can only stimulate the mental breath that is regular and not deep. The emotional breath is irregular and deep and will make the machine protest. This protest is that loud, that the patient will try to avoid the emotional breath.

And that means that he does not ventilate his lungs optimal and sputum stays back in the lungs and will be the cause of a pneumonia if the person is not moved enough.

The patient in coma can not move if he is not helped to move and can move if he gets the help that he needs to move. Like a child can not learn a foreign language if no one talks to him in that language.

The patient in coma has no neurological problems, otherwise the neurological methods would heal him. He has a function problem. The function of moving is disturbed.

It is not totally disconnected as can be felt if one takes the patient in coma and helps him to move. This help must be very precise as the speed and the movement must be the speed and movement of the patient.

Expecting that every patient will be able to talk by closing his eyes is like expecting that everybody can run a triathlon. Lots of normal people have never had any reason to fly and they will not be able to run a triathlon unless one of their ancestors has been on the run.

The World War that resulted in the big run, has been given lots of families this flying energy and the kids from the kids from the kids from.... will have this energy as family energy if they accepted this energy as family energy.

The person that had to fly at his birth will accept this family energy easily and live it his way which may be shown in moving every year or doing sports on top level or being a workaholic.

The workaholic just tries to forget what was and be busy so he does not have to feel what is going on and how future will be. Lots of persons do not want to be remembered of the future.

They try to stay out of the future and make the same faults over and over again and try to forget their faults and at the end, they do not remember the past and they do not want to be connected to the future.


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These short stories are written
to inform about what is needed
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