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The court lady

is not the lady that works in court but the lady that supports the Queen. That is, she should do that but the papers say that she tells the Queen to hurry up so the scedule that others made, will be kept.

The court lady would be called a privat assistent in normal life, if normal life exists. The court lady is part of an oldfashioned, secret world, although you might find her name in the Internet, which is a part of modern life.

The writer is not part of modern life because that goes too fast for him and that he experiences. The patient that came into a state of coma which was learned 4 days after, wanted to be helped to come into movement again.

His inner cold was soo huge that the writer felt this cold and was very happy to read in the paper that fourth day after the accident, about this accident as it made clear that the cold that had been felt in the last four days was the cold that this patient in coma felt.

Being covered by snow or lieing outside on the street in winter, makes that the body temperature goes down. Not being able to move, makes that nothing is burned so no heat is produced.

The inner heat of human being is not only a physical process, but it needs movement. This movement can be physical movement, but also emotional movement makes heat. The body gets warm if the person has emotional stress.

This stress is not always negative. If you meet a lover you may also get excited and your energy starts to move faster than before and this makes that more resistance is formed and that makes hot.

The woman that starts to have heat periodes, changes her system. She gets aware about the fact that she no longer has to use energy to blead and that means that she has energy that she can use for something else.

As long as she does not know how to use this energy, she will have these heat moments. Drinking cold water will help to cool down again and this water will clean the physical body as only water is liquid to the physical body.

All other drinks are recognised as food to the physical body and digested as food. So all the tea, with or without milk, sugar and cakes is experienced as food for the system of digesting.

This system can only function normal if the food and water is coming directly through the mouth. All the substances that are not coming through the mouth are poison for the physical body.

It has to be made unpoisoning and that costs energy that energy can not be used to move. If someone can not move, he will try not to eat so he will not have to digest food and can use the few energy he has to make the small movements that he can make.

Someone who an not move at all, dies.


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