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The joy


It is such a pleasure to meet you! You are such a nice woman, full of caring and love that shines out of you,

You seem to be happy. You just moved to this place and you do not know the language yet.

That is, you do unterstand a bit, as your forefathers were from this country. They moved to another continent and you did the same.

You moved back to the continent your forefathers came from. You had the feeling that you should know the continent your forefathers came from and you stayed too.

You found your love here as they stayed overthere. Time has changed, the aeroplane allows to fly to the other side of the world in a relativ short time.

Your forefathers surely never saw their beloved nativ country again. That used to be the price of moving to another continent.

That price still counts if you are not succesful. Than you must wait, and wait, and wait until you saved enough to fly to the other side.

And if you can not save fast enough, you will never fly. The prices of the flights will get higher too fast if you are not capable of saving.

If you do not earn a dime and have to ask for social money to survive, you will not be able to travel another way than by thumb. The old-fashioned tramp stands at the side of the road.

And puts his thump up as a sign that everything is OK and that he would like to be with you as he also, wants to travel in that direction.

Formerly hiking was a normal way of travelling, especially students had to travel this way as they did not have enough money to drive a car or take the train.

Time changes and the hiker at the side of the road has almost disappeared as most hikers go into the internet and look for a ride there.

That rides uwualy are not for free, the driver expects to share the costs of the petrol and some drivers charge that much and stop that much to pick up and put down trampers, that they earn by visiting their realatives in another country.

But there are also drivers that use internet to offer a ride without expecting any payment. They do not want any payment as they are heppy that they do not have to travel alone.


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