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"What a bore!" people may say if they are told how a patient in coma is living and they turn to go back home, without inviting the patient to come with them and have a meal with them.

The patient in coma does not really mind. He is happy that he can move around the way he can. The patient that is in the total physical coma is in life danger. He must be careful not to get a pneumonia.

A pneumonia is not a result of the weather, wind or rain, but of not moving. The breast that can no longer move, is not able to empty the lungs and the rests that stay in the lungs will get more and more until they inflame to get the attention that is needed.

The patient that is in the total physical coma and that is not helped to move, not taken out to walk around and be moved, has a big chance to get a pneunomia. The patient that is not capable of moving normal, will not be able to breath normal.

A normal breath is not a superficial nor a deep breath but the combination of the two. The deep breath is the emotional breath and is irregularly whilst the superficial breath is a mental breath that is used by machines that take over the breathing of patients.

These machines may save lifes, but they also can make it impossible for the patient to breath emotional, because they than make so much noise that it hurts.

The nurse that than starts to move the patient should be aware that he should do this all the time. The patient will not get tired of it, nor the nurse, as being moved in a way that he can move, the patient will get energy out of it and the nurse, or therapist, too.

The win-win situation is always the best.


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A move for a patient in coma
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