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"Matthew Mcconaughey ├╝ber hunger" it says in the paper

it is an interview because he played in the film "Dallas Buyers Club"and has lost 47 Pfound in 4 months to look the way he looks in the film that is nominated for 6 Oscars. He is one of the people that is nominated for the Oscar.

He tells in this interview that his body did not protest against his diet that he took to loose this weight. In staed it let him know that it understood, what was expected of him and lost weight in the speed it was expected to. He experienced that he did not have much energy to do phyisical things but he did not have to sleep much, he woke up at four o'clock whatever time he went into the bed and he was hungry.

Hungry not for food but for information. For him 3 hours sleep was enough, his body was sort of tired but he was full of burning energy. What is described in the article must be true as I experienced the same thing as I did not eat.

And after I started to eat again, I noticed that I needed much more sleep than in the time I did not eat. As if digesting the food costs a lot of energy that can not be taken up during a waken state. Eating remembers of my youth.

We had breakfast, bread at school as lunch and dinner, that startet at 18 h. and at the end, before I left home, it would be at 20.30 h. because my father did not come home before. We children would ask my mother at what time dinner would be and she would say: "in half an hour" and than she had to give us dinner, else war would start.

We would become very aggressiv if we did not get dinner in half an hour, as we had learned that we did not get anything to eat when we had the feeling of being hungry but always had to wait for our father. The pancreas normally starts to work when food is coming and that is normally coming because one is hungry.

If one does not eat when one is hungry, the pancreas is told: "we are hungry, but we do not eat, so keep quiet and do not start working to make the digestion possible". The pancreas will learn this way, that he can not combine "hunger" with "need to start to work".

The children, that ask "when will we eat?", and get the answer "in half an hour", learn that they than have half an hour until the food will come and the pancreas starts to work, so the system will be ready to digest in half an hour.

If no food is coming after this half an hour, there is a dosis of insulin that makes the person aggressiv. The children were sometimes told, that it was not clear yet, when father would come and that was a sign not to start making insuline.

When he came before the half an hour was finished we were not ready yet to eat. The experience that during a course was told that we would go to have lunch at about two o'clock, was accepted and no problem. But as we were looking for a restaurant where we could eat, I got very aggressiv as the first restaurant did not want to serve us, because it was already after two.

There was no other reason to get angry than not getting anything to eat right away. Lots of people get angry when they can not eat at the time they use to eat or when they are disturbed during this meal. They are not free to eat or not to eat.

They are mentally not capable to stop to eat and by doing so let the aggression come and feel it and react on it. The aggression that comes up if you don't eat, is in you and your aggression, whatever reason. By feeling the aggression one has, one can digest the aggression.

And the result of this is, that one will not get aggressiv on items one used to get aggressiv about. So in stead of reacting with aggression when for example your chef tells you that he will go out and you have to do the work, you will be able to smile and be happy that he is gone.

The work you have to do makes that you do not have to be bored. Not having any thoughts is boring and makes that one goes into the bed. What else can one do if there is no drive that makes that one does something else? The drive to hop in the car and drive to the next village to get some fast food, made that a young man met an old woman.

She was standing at the side of the road and hitch hiking. It was cold and wet outside and he saw this person in the corner of his eye. He was driving very fast but found his brake and the car stopped. The woman got in, happy that a warm car invited her.

The driver told right away that he was only heading for the next village, but the woman was happy to be able to take up some warmth. And after about an hour, it was clear that this warmth was not only the warmth of the heater in the car.

As the driver had asked three questions and the third one was good for an answer that took about one hour. The code word was "dutch patient in coma" and the answer told about what had happened, since a prince became patient in coma.


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