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coma treatment or movement
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hpi healing coma therapy for patients    

In the future

will be clear, what is true of all that is written on this web space. One can call it a web site, but it is more a web space with all these different languages and themes.

It may look like the only theme is patients in coma, but that is not the case. As patients in coma are treated by people that are not in the same coma, the goal of this page also is to make these people aware of the fact that they have to change something so the patient will be able to function normal.

The function of movement can only be normal if a normal function is asked and the necessary changes are made to make it possible to let the system function normal.

As long as tubes that are not normal or machines that take over a function are installed, the patient will not be able to function normal and that is seen in the function of movement that is so diminished that it looks like the patient can not move at all.

In the meantime the medical world has dicovered that the patient in coma is not getting decubitus as easy as people that can move but do not move. This knowledge is abused to let the patient in coma stay in the same position much more longer than any moving person would be able to stand.

Any complication that a patient in coma gets, is a sign that he is not moved.


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This story has the goal
to make it possible to patients
to move the state of coma