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coma treatment or movement
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healing polarity integration - THERAPY

    wachkoma coma patient treatment behandeling in beweging

Small books for sale

All these small books are A6 and have coma as subject. They are written to give another view on the coma of daily life and show the influence on the own behaviour. The connection to the treatment as is given to patients in coma, is also made.
The prices of the books are minimal prices. You can pay more if you feel that need.
The gain will be used to write books about the healing stimulating treatment of the patient in coma, the autistic person and the depressiv person, based on experiences with the therapy.

The journey   - 46 pagina's - Price: € 9,20  - Sending costs: € 3,50

This little book is also written to be read. The short stories tell about life and about coma.

It is not only about the physical coma that the patient that can not move without help, is in.

It is also about the immobility that people are in and that is the cause that they are not in peace with themselves.

The mental coma that is the cause of forgetting and the emotional coma that can be the cause of not being able to say what is on the tip of the tongue are also an item in these short stories.

All stories are based on human experiences and the feelings that appeared at those experiences.

All persons that were involved with me are thanked for the contact that was.

The post   - 52 pagina's - Price: € 10,40  - Sending costs: € 3,50

Simple exercises make huge changes in the life of a lot of human beings but only if they are done.

Like the patient in coma does not need food or water but help to move. He needs to be helped with movements that bring him movement energy and that are movements that he wants to make.

Eating and drinking through the mouth also give movement energy that can be used for other movements. Take the patient out of the bed and give him an assistant that moves him. That helps him make the movements that are needed in daily life.

Moose   - 49 pagina's - Price: €   9,20  - Sending costs: € 3,50

Speaking can be done by voice but also with movements. The child that is not allowed to speak to the neighbour looks and can smile if it feels like that.

It looks puzzled, not understanding, why it is not allowed to speak to the neighbour. The parents that forbid children to speak are not aware about the impact that such an interdiction has on the child.

Healer   - 63 pagina's - Price: € 12,15  - Sending costs: € 3,50

Some people are so afraid for life that they show that life is full of fear and that only this fear has to be followed.

By doing the contrary this person will experience that life is not fear but his physical body may no longer be able to move.

He may have to change his program to be able to come into movement again.


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