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The start

is sometimes the most important and sometimes it appears to be different from the rest of the project. If a person starts to act as if everything is well and than he does everything to make you your life impossible or change the project into a pool of frustration, you may no longer understand your world.

It is very well possible that you were warned by your friends that this person seems not to be what he shows, sometimes one has to experience what the other can.

There are people that just lie to get what they want, others tell the truth as far as they can remember and there are people that fight for their partners.

Having been together for almost 40 years means that without the partner one feels lost, even if the partnership is a pool of frustration. Having to move every second year because the partner wants to, can be very unpleasant.

Just met all the neighbours and found out how to act so they are nice neighbours, it may be not exactly the wish to move again, but if the partner makes trouble if you do not move, you must choose between the move.

One move is the physical move that means finding another place to live and making it suitable for the own desires, the other move is not moving but being moved by the war that the partner makes because one did not move.

The move to another appartment but in the same house, makes that the place to live has changed, but not the neighbours, the way to the shops and so on. If someone that does not want to move from the place where he lives because of the neighbours and has this choice, he will take it.

He will not look for another place to live somewhere else, even not if the neighbour that he says, he wants to move away else he will leave the house, has not moved away.

Complaining about the neighbours is a way to keep in touch with them. Knowing that they are supporters of this web site, this sort of stories have to be in it.

Else they would not feel seen. They need this contact to be able to show others about what is written about them. That gives them importance.

They are not aware about the importance of peace.


Diese Geschichte ist geschrieben
damit die Liebe flie├čen kann
zum Wohl des Ganzen