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coma treatment or movement
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h p i - THERAPIE

hpi healing coma therapy for patients    

The red spot

The red spot is used to mark danger. The green spot gives the sign “all clear” and makes that people come into movement again.

On the street this agreement makes that lots of people can just stay in their state of coma without problems.

In the East it seems they do not need traffic lights. The cars ride left and right, passing there where there is space and some drivers think they will get more attention when they use their claxon but there are too many so using the claxon is no use any longer.

It only makes that the traffic makes much more noise than necessary. For the person that can not stand noise, the street in this part of the Earth is a therapy place. If he wants to go from Z to RS, he has to go onto the street and be in the traffic.

He can complain about the noise but it will not help. He will not be able to change this behaviour of so many people. The world has gone crazy.Lots of people use their time and energy to complain. They complain about the sounds they hear when the neighbour takes a shower, has used the toilet, closes his doors or sings a song.

And these complains they tell the landlord and this landlord wants to have peace with his hirers, so he tells the hirer, who also wants to have peace with the other habitants of the house, to try to diminish the sounds of moving.

And the hirer that is complained about, tries to do so. He does no longer take a shower before he goes to bed. He decides he will not stop going to the toilet and the complaining neighbour does not stop complaining.

One song on the balcony will be the reason that court will have to decide. The neighbours learned that a hirer can not be sent out of an apartment because of sounds that appear when the habitant is moving as is normal in life.

The house that is in mind is a very special one. It was used by a family, it survive the Second World War and was used to rent rooms to holiday makers. That was soo much work that the rooms were changed into three places to be rent.

This changing had to be cheap so the system of one entrance door was continued and that resulted in living space behind it for two hirers. To one of them the floor behind the entrance door is an extern floor that leads to their apartment, to the other hirer the floor behind the common entrance door is also the floor between his two rooms.

So the floor is to this hirer an inner floor and the neighbours have to pass this floor day and night if they want to enter into their apartment which makes that this hirer has few privacy.

The neighbours that started to complain about noise of the neighbour that has his rooms at both sides of the floor, because of the noise of doors that were closed, the noise of toilet and shower, first claimed that the doors had to be closed.

They looked in when the doors were open and did not like the sight of what was in it. To them it was a mess and they can not stand a mess. They have 7 aids to put the wash on to dry, although they are only 2 people. They use all the space they think they need and they want the neighbour to stay out of their way but that is impossible.

He has to go through the floor if he wants to go from his one room to the other. He does not smoke and he does not like others to smoke in his apartment and the neighbour woman is the same. But the neighbour smokes so he does that outside, but not outside his apartment, but in front of the open window of the neighbour that complains about this as the smoke enters through the open window.

And this complain is one of the reasons that the neighbours want the neighbour out of the house. The wife of the smoking neighbour got soo angry about the neighbour that asked her husband not to smoke in front of the open window that War was opened.

She saw asking the neighbour to smoke his cigarettes in front of his own open window as a prohibition to smoke and she has a very special way of life. She is the miller and the only one that has permission to prohibit! She works on the street in a blue uniform and looks into cars.



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