nederlandse vlag
De onbeweeglijkheid van patient in coma veranderen in beweging

nederlandse vlag
Change the immobility of the patient in coma into movement

nederlandse vlag
Ändere die Unbeweglichkeit des Patienten im Wachkoma in Bewegung

drapeau francais
Change l'immobilité du patient comateux mouvant

nederlandse vlag
Endre det ubevegelige livet av pasient i koma i bevegelse

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Neurological Diseases

hpi - Healing Therapy has a positive influence on all illnesses.

Also MBD- or MDHD-Symptoms will diminish after mobilisation of the cranium. Through these mobilisations the brain will have more space and can do its work as it should.

Learning- and writing problems can vanish after this therapy.

Because of the combination of cranial sacral therapy, physiotherapy and parts of the kinesiology, hnc and hpi, as well as learning disabilities, a positive result will last.

Emotional Clearing will also be a part of the treatment, so the unconscious behaviour that makes problems, can be healed.

The education neuro - therapist starts in december 2011, in German language.

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