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Walk to the top of the Belchen


We met as I came from the Aldi, where I had bought myself chocolate and you were going to buy bread.

You recognised me and I gave you room to pass as you were on your bicycle. You looked at me and I looked at you.

You were familiar to me but I could not tell where we met. You had the same idea and you though that you know me from Freiburg.

We have been on a dancing course there. It is about 12 years ago and I still do not dance because there is no one who wants to dance with me.

It is like walking to the top of the Belchen. I live at the foot of the Belchen and I went up some times on my own, but I do not feel like that any longer.

I have been alone long enough to stop doing things on my own. I now prefer to do things with others and I feel very happy that you spontaneously invite me to walk to the top of the Belchen at night.

You are on your way to the Aldi because you want to buy bread to take with you this night to have breakfast at the top of the Belchen.

Your son and daughter are coming with you. Your son is going today already with a friend and you and your daughter an I, because I invited myself as a matter of fact, will join them.

You have to pass my place to come to the place where you will meet your son and his friend to walk the last bit to the top of the Belchen together.

After we agreed that I would come with you and your family, you continue your way to buy the bread and I wait for you to come with you to your place.

After you bought the bread and we meet again on the spot where I waited for you, you tell me, that you are afraid that I would want to stay all night at your place until we would leave for the walk.

And you are very relieved when I tell you where I live. And that I will go home and wait until you come. And you tell me that your son and his friend will be driven to the starting point and I can be with them as this point is near where I live.

The starting point of every treatment of a patient in coma should be that the patient will get onto his feet. By taking this as starting point, the energy and the thoughts that come will serve this intension.

The intension of our deeds can be changed by our feelings if we are not aware of these feelings. I want to make it possible for all patients to be treated with the hpi-method so they get the chance to come on their feet again, but I am afraid that I will not be able to do what I have to do and therefore I do not do what I have to do.

The result is that I am at home and write a website in stead of treating patients in coma or teaching their therapists and nurses. I am not afraid of treating patients in coma nor of teaching their therapists, but the nurses of patients in coma who are near them 24h/24 might know more than I do.

And that makes that I am a little bit afraid and do nothing. I go to people that are responsible for the treatment of patients in coma, but they are afraid too.

They are afraid to change anything and want everything to stay the way it is, as that is known and I feel this fear I feel and copy it by not pushing them.

I try to send them letters or mails but until now this did not have any effect on the treatment of the patients in coma, as far as I know.

I know that the situation that some of the patients that I have been treating has changed, because I feel that, but that is not enough.

We have to be honest by observing what really happens and if I look at myself, I am happy. I am happy if I write what I observed and I am happy to experience what I experienced.

And I need changes. After 3 years church choir where I learned to speak in emotional situations, I left this marvellous choir to be able to join another one, knowing that there I will be able to learn something else.

I will be able to express myself in Dutch but that is not the reason why I join this choir. This choir has a total different energy than the church choir and I need this energy.

Like I needed the energy of the people of Malaysia and Indonesia. Nothing I do will get spoiled. All the educations that I took are used in the hpi-method and that makes this method worth to be used, because it is now the only one that can help to help patients in coma on their feet.

Take your responsibility and change the life of the patient in coma you are responible for. See to it that he or she will be treated with hpi-therapy. To be able to move again, the patient in coma must be moved.

In the hpi-educations is taught, how they must be moved to be able to move.


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