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A visit


Your spontaneous visit is very important to me. I do not have the habit to invite people as that does not come into my mind.

My mind is so full of activity when I am alone that I do not feel lonely or poor me that I am alone. That used to be like that, also when I was not alone.

But time has changed and so have I. I found roots in Indonesia at my worldtour that I never got before, although I did not find the roots that I was looking for.

I knew that I was looking for my roots but I did not have any idea what they looked like. I am born in Holland, Europe and my parents were Dutch but my mother was born in Nederland-Indie that now is Indonesia.

She has never visited this country again as adult and that made that she did not meet the people that loved her and showed this love as she was growing up there.

The function of her father made the family leave Indonesia and the big brothers were gone before to visit the secondary school in Holland. She came in the same boarding-house as her brothers as she was sent to Holland too.

They could not help her not to miss the warm and safe feeling that she had in Indonesia. The language was also lost as she was too young as she left the country where she was born.

Some words stayed in her memory and they were used all her life and were as Dutch to her children. They could be sent to the shop to get ketimun and the salesman might look very surprised and had to be helped by other customers that told him that the child needed a cucumber.

Lots of people knew maleis as they or relatives had been living there. They usually came back to Holland to live but the heart has always been connected with the country they lived in.

The shock for the child not to be able to decide for itself but having to leave these lovely people has made lots of people speechless. They could talk but lost their voice after they lost their beloved that stayed behind in this country.

They made new friends but the loss of the contact with the old friends made that memories vanished. The few things they were allowed to take with them vanished too.

They did not have the endless life, as also the people that cared for them. They were older and the longer it took before they travelled to their country of birth again, the smaller the chance they would meet beloved.

In the years that passed, the country has changed and the architecture and nature is not what it used to be. The traffic has taken over the streets that used to be calm and full of trees. There are some spots where old trees are still growing, but only very few.

It seems that in the towns nature does not have a place to grow. For the visitor of Europe this is an unknown view.

The idea that the bike without motor is still used in Indonesia is true, but you have to search them. That makes that the visitor is very happy to meet one and makes a picture with his new camera that is a digital one.

And back home he is soo much in coma that he throws away this picture and the others with people on it, before he has saved them. Gone. No picture of the crowd in the old Dutch building with the first stone that says

Forty years later a relative of mine was born. Family history makes it easier to remember important dates. If you know when your relatives are born, you can use these dates to remember the important events.

People that can not remember the date of birth of their family must have had an enormous heavy childhood. A reason not wanting to know the date of birth of the parents can be the lie in the family about age.

People that do not want to show their age and therefore color their hair or have an operation to take away the signs of age, can not expect the children to see them as old people that need help. They will not accept to help if the parent expects it but has never shown his love for this child.

The child that is not shown love of the parents does not know what it is to be loved. It will always be looking for his own way of loving. He might find a partner that has the same problem which makes that they understand each other.

But partners that do not have the same problem will seldom be able to understand why this grown up is acting and reacting the way he does. If they can not talk about their feelings and thoughts, they may quarrel all the time in an attempt to make themselves be understood.

If someone is not capable to make himself clear and be understood, that can make him silent. He may chose to stop talking as he has no longer any trust to be understood.

For those who want to understand themselves and others COURSES are given.


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