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coma treatment or movement
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healing polarity integration - THERAPY

    wachkoma coma patient treatment behandeling in beweging

The advice

Together we are strong and we pay less tax. Because if we bring your money and my costs together, you will have less money to pay tax on.

But you must have money to spend. The person that hardly has money to spend and is afraid to spend that money, will discover how rich he is when he has no money left.

Finally he will be able to have himself driven around by car with chauffeur. One time this can be an electric driven car that can ride no more than 350 kilometers on one load, another time it s a porche, a ford mondeo or a jaguar.

The Rolls-Roys chauffeur did not stop yet to help thim minimum income person a bit on his way. It is very special to help someone a bit on his way.

Most people want to be independent and to that belongs, that they do everything on their own.

The night is no longer used to sleep, but to work, because people that complain about everything are in coma at that time.

The people that always lay the guilt at another man's door must plead guilty to make sure the others will not be guilty any more.

Feelings of guilt are used to plead others guilty so one does not take the own responsability any longer and is guilty.

As the giving away of the responsibility willmake that no changes will be made that are needed to get the changes one wishes. Unless autistic people are concerned.

They usually live in the future and organise f.ex. courses that can not be given yet as the teachers that are needed to work with, are not yet ready to work together.

People that always had to work together with others that they did not like, will need time to get ready to find out that working together will be harmless and enrichening the own life.

Working together is needed to change the world. Those who changed their attitude that makes that they are sent away by their friends who did not make this change, may get insecure whether he is on the right path.

He has changed his attitude because he found out that he had to to come to his goal and stay in movement.

Also coming into the peace of being, one needs another attitude than complaining about everything that is.

By accepting all that is and finding out, what one wants to change, one will change his attitude. To realise dreams, one must have dreams and be aware about them.

That will make that on will act in a way that helps to make the dreams come true. One will look for the right help to make the dream come true.

Help is what we need and help is what we can give others. Dreams are not the stories we remember from the night, where we were in the total mental coma.

The mental coma is the state that one no longer is aware about what happens and why world is the way it seems to be.

The sleep that one gets into can be healing, but not for someone that can not move.

The person that stopped to move after a traumata, will have to start moving again to digest the traumata.

Moving is a way of digesting. All sort of experiences must be digested and if they are too big to digest, the person can stop moving to have space for the traumata that he can not digest.

As long as he is willing to digest and starts little by little, this is no problem, but if not than the original experience will attract other experiences that try to activate the traumata to digest it.

If that is not done than the immobility will become bigger and bigger until it bursts. That can be an illness or the total physical coma.

The total physical coma has to be seen as a state of immobility that needs help to come into movement again.

The help that is needed is being moved the way that the inner movements are remembered and the blockades are opened.

As movement energy is needed to be able to move, the patient in coma that is not moved, looses movement energy. He needs a personal assistent that helps him to move.

He must be as a shadow that is not a shadow but the initiation of all movements. The patient wants to move but does not have enough power to move as he is not connected good enough to earth, the starting off point for movements.

The treatment of a patient in coma that is not long enough, does not help. It is not the time that makes a treatment work, but what is done.

Moving is not moving if one is not moved. One does not have to be moved until one cries but one must be moved and happy to move.

If the movement one wants to make with the patient costs a lot of energy, do not do it. Look for a movement that is easy to make and make it 12 times. That will give the patient movement energy if you do the movement in his speed.

That is much slower than the speed of a moving person, the reason that the treatment of a patient in coma can not be done in just half an hour, not in an hour either but needs 2 hours.

In this time the patient must be mobilised, his skull and his intestines, his body awareness must be optimalised and he must be connected to earth and to movements.

Each time new as his state will change through treatment with moving.

The details about this way of treatment can be learned in the hpi-EDUCATIONS.




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