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Coma science

I have been writing a letter in Dutch even though my intuition told me to write it in English. So I am not surprised that I get an answer in English. I just wonder why they speak or communicate in English?

Is that because English is the language that is use in the scientific world? During my study to be a physiotherapist I had to write a paper and I chose the question whether tapping is functional for patients with lung problems.

The result was that it must be investigated, as the literature did not give the answer. All the experiments that had been done had not had the right view. None of the experiments was complete. At all the experiments something was missing.

And that is what I experienced until now in the treatment of patients in coma. All the colleagues I met did not look at the total system of the patient in coma. If they look at the physical part, they forget the energetic part and if they look energetic they do not know how to stimulate the physical part.

And so the patients in coma can not move without being treated with hpi-therapy. That therapy is healing through polarity and integration. Integration of all parts that are separated after the accident and polarity by treating the connections of the patient in the surroundings he is in.

The surroundings of the patient are not only that what we see, but also the invisible world where we are when we are asleep. That is the world that is going much slower than this physical world and where we can, because we do not use our eyes but see with the brain right away, get aware of everything much faster.

The eye can see about 16 pictures in a second as a film. The brain can see about 1000x more pictures in a second. So the patient in coma that uses his brain instead of his eyes can take up much more information than someone that only uses his eyes.

The patient can not been given too much therapy. He has no idea of time as he is not connected to the earth whose time we use. The idea that the patient should rest between two therapies does not count for the patient in coma.

To get the best possible therapy it is important to combine the various therapies, to connect the various parts of the system that are disconnected and the reason that the patient can not move himself.

The disconnections in the system are for all patients very personal which means, that it is not possible to use a standard therapy. Every patient must be treated individual and this treatment must include all the various parts of the system.

This is taught in hpi-EDUCATIONS for THERAPISTS and for NURSES.


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