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coma treatment or movement
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healing polarity integration - THERAPY


The party

Having a day off, the daughter decided to give a party so the guest of the parents had to leave. They wanted to have a nice afternoon together, but the plans of the daughter made that impossible.

Or was the idea to have this nice afternoon together changed after the past days? Not having met in the year that past, the guest was received with a mind full of possibilities, but old energies were stronger than the new once that form the future.

The future is formed here and now, but.... The base for the future is the past. You can not just do as if the past is not involved.

If you do so, you are denying your education and at the end you will not remember anything more. Not being able to remember the past is a sign that that past was painfull and this pain has not yet been digested.

Pain must be digested and that is painful. The longer it takes that pain is digested, the intenser the pain is and it will become more and more each time a simular situation is experienced.

Pain that comes up in the body tells the person that something is wrong or was wrong. The feeling that accompagnies the pain is a way of getting aware about the way this pain has to be cured.

Pain that just feels like pain, without having any feeling of fear or life danger, is a pain that you are digesting. If you try, you may find out because your thoughts may tell you what was the cause of this pain.

Having a horrible pain in the cheek may be the pain that you did not feel as the dentist was working in that cheek and had given you a narcose to avoid you feeling it. The system human being feels although it is unconscious.

The person that is unconsious is in a mental state of coma. That are all people, one more than the other, but who remembers everthing he had done, said or moved? Who is aware about the impact of his words, his deeds, his signs?

The woman that is waiting with her friend for the red light, as she also was last year, looks, sees and winks and gets a big smile back. Last year we only saw and noticed each other.

We never spoke to each other but we know each other. Life makes us meet when we need that. Our meeting made that we could remember that we also saw each other last year. Same place, not same time but same energy.

The remembrance that opens up for the memories that were so painful makes that these memories can be digested. The pain is felt, it hurts and sometimes it hurts very much, but a painkiller is not the right answer.

The pain was killed that first time, therefore now it is so huge and it will only disappear if you allow yourself to move.

Moving makes the physical body to remember the painful situations and it gives the whole system the information that now this painful situation is not there any longer. To make the movements that were connected to painful situations in a safe environment, changes the program of the system.

The system will learn that those painful situations are no longer painful. Not having been able to move as a baby because of medical immobilisation, makes that the movements that were made and hurt, will be painful in the experience and avoided.

To make these movements on music, in water, just outside in a nice, feastly being together, gives the whole system another experience that must be saved. That is, if old fear or memories that caused these pains come up again, one has to allow them to come up and feel that this pain is no life danger.

Pain is seldom a sign of life danger. Cancer is an illness that starts without any pain. Suddenly there is a hard spot somewhere. That is the reason to go to the doctor and cancer is still a death danger. No longer the cancer, one may think, but the chemicals that are used in a try to cure.

The patient that was living with a cancer of the prostate, stayed at the same praxis although the old doctor had given over to a young one. The young one advised the patient a vitamine treatment and the old man had confidence in the successor of his doctor.

And after 6 days of treatment he very clearly asked the assistent, what this treatment exactly was. And this assistent told him that she had been surprised that he had agreed to be part of this test-treatment for a new chemical agains cancer.

The man died quickly after this treatment, having no more his own personal defence against normal disturbing physical illnesses like a cold.


This history is a compilation
of experiences that were made
on the way to heal a patient in state of coma