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coma treatment or movement
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The visit

After two years we meet again. The first visit was in a total different time. We were very happy to meet at that time but did not have time to talk.

You offered me a free walk every day and I accepted, happy to be guided and, although the walk was in the same streets and the same buildings at the side, the walks could not have been more unlike.

The personal note that the guides gave to the walk made that every free walk was different. Also the people that joined the walk were never the same. The woman that has been doing research for the hospital during 12 years, did not want to be person of contact between the hpi-method and the hospital.

So two more years were needed to visit the hospital and tell about the hpi-method. With joy and thankfullness the idea to come back to talk about the hpi-method was taken to the next station.

And the invitation to a dinner at night made this day unforgettable.



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