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coma therapy or movement
Stadt und Land - Lac Lé


h p i - THERAPIE


Lac Lé


A dream

was dreamed but it is not remembered. It was a good dream and the daydreams surely are fedd by it. The dream to travel to Kuala Lumpur again, take the boat, this time, to Medan and visit the friends that were made at the first visit, is active.

It took half a lifetime to come to this part of the world for the first time. The family roots are also here.

Lots of families have roots in a foreign country. The colonies and the sailors in the family connect all the parts of the earth with each other in all the families.

There are families that stay at home but just one member travels. He works on a boat, in the modern time, he works in a plane, he travels and he makes friends all over the world that become interested in the other part of earth.

The partners that find each other in the other part of the world, will have to chose where they will live if they want to be together. It will not always be possible to stay half of the time at one part and the other half at the other part where the partners come from.

Money is needed to make the voyages that such a distance can be covered. An experience that someone told about someone that would find his partner at the other side of the globe at his fifties, makes that the time that it takes to be able to retravel to that part of earth is well used.

The remembrance says that it needs three voyages before the partners can live together and that means that patience is needed. As patience goes along with love, the patient in coma is counting on the future and waiting to be able to move.

The physical movements that are needed to travel to the Far East are much easier than being able to treat a patient in the physical coma.

The neurological treatments do not have the wanted results as the patient is usually not a neurological patient. He "only" has a disturbed movement-function.

This can be normalised by making it possible for the patient to function normal. That means, that all the tubes must be taken out, machines must be taken off and the patient must be helped to function normal. So he gets nice meals to eat, nice drinks to drink, he is taken out of the bed and put in a chair in which he can move.

He needs help to move and if he does not get this help, he will not be able to move. That is what experience tells. You can not turn this statement.

It is n o t true that a patient in the physical coma can not move. He can move if he gets the help to move. Like the person that does not have money to travel will be able to travel if he gets money.

Or if someone reserves him a place in his plane, car or on his motorcycle or in his bus. The patient in coma does not need any medication but he needs a helping hand to move.



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