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You open your computer and tell us, that the dax is still the same. You are fixated on the dax. You do not have money to spend the way you would like. You would like to be able to sit in the sun and do nothing.

After 27 years of doing the work that you love, you do not want to do it any more. You want money so you will not have to work any longer.

I tell you that you will not be happy if you would have millions. Onassis said that a person that thinks everything can be bought for money proves that he never had it. And I agree. I never had these millions but I am working on them.

Every story that I write is worth at least 333 of every money that exists. Formerly that was much more with the gulden, pound, mark, frank, franc, peseta, lire, and of course franc Suisse, Schweitzer Franken.

Fr is written on it. I have 2 pieces of 2 Fr in my pocket and a half Fr. The half has been in my pocket a long time already, the 2 pieces of 2 I got after a funeral. The man who gave me them, saw the need I had and helped me by giving these 2 coins.

I accepted them, knowing, that he was right. I had to accept them as I did not have more swiss money than that half Fr. And he and his wife had invited me for a walk at the Neuchâteller Sea that I had accepted with both hands.

We had just met at the funeral and on my way to the funeral I knew I would meet a very important person there that made my love flow. I felt like being in my richness and able to spend millions to install the house that is needed to treat patients in coma so they can move again.

I love funerals. That are places where a lot of loving people meet and are gathered to the remembrance of the person that died. Our families are connected through the person that died and it took us long, to meet properly.

This has happened now and since than I carry this money in my pocket. This richness is not worth a thing here in Europe. Changing this richness into Euros costs more than what the money is worth. So, I keep it in my pocket as the first money that I have to spend when I move to Switzerland.

There they do not have the german world war wounds. I am Dutch and the Dutch capitulated. I am Dutch but will not capitulate where it concerns patients in coma. A relative of mine was in coma before he died and he is one of the souls that push me around to wake up.

I have to do what I am doing and I love it. I feel safe and see when people are not honest. I see at their eyes that they are lying to themselves and I am like the boy that lives here and has no place to go. He looks like an anorexia and is here with a friend.

It seemed, but he goes away alone. Who is taking care of this boy? Anorexia is the sign that the love is not flowing in the family. I once saw a dutch family in Freiburg with a mother that was an anorexia. She saw me and her daughter saw me too.

They were awake and the father and the son did not see me. They were in coma. The pain of the love that does not flow in the family was too big for the man to stay awake and for the women the reason why they tried to get out of their body.

If I do not eat, my love can flow without being disturbed by any physical goods and I feel bright and my weight stays the same. If I feel lonely and am longing for love I search for something to eat or I go into the shop and buy me all sorts of things that lay in my cupboard until they are no longer to be used.

That is the normal way of life, nowadays, in the West. Money is what everyone tries to save, not being aware that saving money makes that love no longer can flow. The tube that is broken because the water froze shows it very clear.

It needs awareness of everything we do to avoid that the water freezes and the water can be seen as love: it needs awareness of everything we do to avoid that the love freezes and the heart can be seen as love. It needs awareness of everything we do to avoid that the heart freezes.


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