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The last train is gone. Our train had to stop because there was trouble in the train. We were lucky that we were driven by the Deutsche Bahn. The 7 boys that attacked one person that told them it was not allowed to smoke in the train should pay the costs that the Deutsche Bahn made to bring the 15 travellers there where they had to go.

The cab that brought me home cost CHF 333,-, just to my place. He had to drive further to Freiburg and deliver 3 others there. My feeling of justice is that these 7 boys really must pay these costs so they will get an idea about money.

My idea about money is not the idea of justice. I complain about the treatment a patient in coma gets. The court says that she does not see the lack of responsibility of the statutory responsible person. This statutory responsible person does not answer letters, telephones, mails and he shows that by not answering the letter of the court.

He takes three month to answer a request of the court about answering letters. That is, I hope he does so. The last news is that he still had not answered the request and that was more than 2 month after the request.

Now are three month gone and still no answer? The proof is there, I would say! I need proof that the statutory responsible person does not do what he has to do. The patient can not talk but he could close his mouth without any help and because I said to the director of the house where the patient lives that I would take contact with the insurance company about the wheelchair that the patient needs, the director of the house made that I no longer was allowed to treat the patient.

Four weeks later I visited the patient as a visitor because I love this person. He is such a lovely guy! And the director of the house came. He got a message from the nurse that is responsible for this patient and who just had replaced the patient in the bed.

He was lying so horrible when I was allowed into the room again, that I could not let him be like that. Unfortunately. I should have let the patient in the way I found him because than there would have been proof that the nurse is not capable to do the work he has to do properly.

As I told the director of the house that I found the patient lying in a very painful way the director answered me that the patient was lying good now. I thanked him for that and told him that I did that. We were good willing so I told him very directly that his nurse did not do his job properly and that was too much for the director.

He told me he had to take care of his employees and told me I did no longer have the permission to enter the house and visit the patient. I had to show the permission to visit the patient, given by the statutory responsible person. He knows very well, as all the others that have to do with the patient like the physiotherapist, the ergotherapist and the nursing team, that it is very hard to get in touch with this statutory responsible person.

The court just could ask all these persons and there would be proof that the statutory responsible person does not do his job, as his job is being the person to be able to come in contact with the patient in coma who can not talk.

Since I am no longer the therapist that treats him, he no longer can close his mouth without help and this means that he no longer has a method to communicate with all the people that want to communicate with him. There are a lot of nurses in the house where he lives that do their job more than properly but they do not know what I know and therefore they can not make it possible for this patient to communicate so they can not fulfil his wishes.

And the court? The court has his rules and these rules are not made for people that can not talk. These rules are followed without any feeling about the patient that is concerned. I do not wish anyone to come in coma but sometimes I wonder why no one uses his common sense to see to it that patients in coma are seen as persons with needs that are not different from persons that can talk.

It is forbidden to attach persons if they are violent. One needs a special piece of paper from the court to get the allowance. The house where the patient in coma I am writing about now, lives does not take the patient out of the bed.

He is attached to the bed without any visible chains but the chains are the thoughts of the system that thinks that this patient does not need to be vertical and does not need to be moved in all ways possible. He is kept in the bed. You know, no personal available.

You also know that the insurance company pays more than normal for this patient? The house gets the extra money that is available for special needs. And the house does not even fulfil the patient the basic needs. Even the normal need like the electrical wheelchair with standing possibility is not delivered and when I tell I will complain about that, the director of the house tells me not to.

He tells me to get in touch with the statutory responsible person, knowing that this person is not to get in touch with. The court has his proof but does not want to use it? And because I tell the director of the house I will get in touch with the responsible for the wheelchair he makes that I am thrown out as a therapist.

When I tell the director that his nurse does not do his job well, I am thrown out totally. And that is the story that is not written in the books about patients in coma. Until now. This story is in the internet in more than one version and will be in several books that can be bought in the bookshop.

The finish is not yet known.


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