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coma therapy or movement
health - Amour féminin


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You are asleep when I am on my feet and singing for church or working. Writing so everybody can read it. If they have internet.

Lots of people are like me. They do not have internet at home. They may sit behind the computer hour after hour but not, because they are chatting on Facebook with people they never met.

Threehundred friends is normal in Facebook, I once heard. I can hardly keep up with one friend. What is she doing now? Oh, she is sleeping, working, getting up.

So I can send a sms before I go into my bed and into the state of coma that sleep is. Who knows what he has done in his sleep? Who remembers his dreams and can influence them during his dreaming?

In daytime we get into the old common energy that we know. The old common energy that we took up in our life to survive. It says that we are splendid and worth a lot or that we are lazy and not capable to be our own chef.

It may say that we are not worth to be healthy or to heal ourselves without seeing a doctor. It can say that we need to serve all others and are not worth to travel, move or live there, where our lover lives.

Families decide what we have to believe. They have their experiences and that makes that they believe. If you are born as a Royalty, you can not just jump on your bike and drive to a bar and have a nice time with your friends.

A photographer is waiting at the fence and will follow you to find out, what beer you drink or what toilet you have been visiting.

Being a Royal Person means that you do not have privacy and people that complain about not having privacy feel like Royalties?

The publications about Royalties are worth more than millions but what is a life of a Royal Person worth? Nothing if he is in the state of Coma?

Or is he used, as so many other patients in coma to write high bills because of therapies that are totolly insufficient and even life dangerous?

The little girl that felt a hole in the head was lucky? Her father was a doctor so he earned quiet a lot and had to pay private for costs of medical treatment.

The girl was taken into the hospital as the mother did not dare to touch the head that was soo sensitive. The doctor did dare more. He ordered to give the girl blood.

Someone that wanted to help people in life danger that would need blood, gave his blood and this blood was abused to give it this little girl.

Since she is having Suisse blood.


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