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What can a man understand? What does it depend on? How come that they say that there is no therapy that can help patients in coma to move again?

How come that there are people that are searching whole day long (?) for a chemical that helps patients in coma to move again?

How come that patients in coma are not taken out of the bed, given drinks and to eat and do not get an electrical wheelchair with standing possibility that makes that they can be helped to change position very easily?

And how come that there are people that are sure that they do the right thing with patients in coma although they do not help them on their feet?

How come that insurance companies are not willing to change their payment attitude and still pay for therapies that do not help patients in coma to be able to move?

How come that doctors are not able to examine a patient in coma without a machine? Everybody sees in the eyes of a patient in coma his possibility to move or his awareness.

What is needed to make medical world change the idea that doing nothing will help patients in coma to move?

The only movement thtat a patient in coma will be able to make as time passes by, is die.

He would still have lived if he would have been treated the way he needed. The man that made suicide because he lost all his money, left his wife and children with depts.

The bank ruined him as they are the onces that no longer are capable to earn money by using the money that the small guy put in the bank. The bank uses the money to buy geijsers in Iceland?

The patient in coma does not need that hot water for his bath. He can only cope with a bath that is 3 degrees celcius higher than his skin temperature, measured under the navel.

All higher temperatures make that the patients will first be more tensed and afterwards he will be broke. All his energy has gone into surviving the warm bath. Is that what is taught in medical world?



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