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The letter

was written in dutch but the language that the answer was written in was another. How come that people answer in another language than the letter that they get?

Did they read the letter or did they give the letter to someone else to read it? But how come they answer?

I am soo happy that there is an internet that does not answer the questions that I have. I can just put all the letters, mails and invitations that I want to send to someone in the internet and that makes that I am sure that this person will be able to receive it.

I am not sure he will read it because he will have to make connection with the world wide web and than he must find the letter, mail or invitation.

So he must be able to do that, what I can not. I have never learned to search. I go into a stress modus when I have to search. That was a problem at the education for physiotherapist as that was based on self-finding. One was told what had to be searched for and one just had to find it.

I went to this school because I knew I had this problem and I hoped I would lose it during the study, but I did not. I found other ways to find what I had to know.

I rather ask someone than search. I noticed that there are other people that do the same: "mam, do you know where my coat is?" or "darling, have you seen the teapot?" are questions that are very often used in families without being aware why they are asked.

They are asked because the asker does not remember what he has done with the thing he is looking for. The letters that seem to be disappeared surely still are in the house but they were just put away without being able to store the place in the brain.

The brain is the physical substance that seems to be used as remembrance place, but the energetic door often is closed. And that makes that the person does not remember. He does not remember when and where he was called a liar although he spoke the truth.

He does not remember when he got out of his physical body the first time. Maybe it was before he was born. The pain of hearing that he was not wanted being too big to stay. But the joy of going to live on earth came back and so he did.

But a part of him stayed out of the body. The part that was afraid that he would be killed as they did not want him, here and now. They love children but not being pregnant now.

The child was in the woman and got the emotions of the parents in his awareness. The first rejection of the parrent(s) causes a shock and this shock stays all life and makes that the new born getting older will always be insecure.

He can gain security by being aware about it and by seeing to it that he gets positiv stimulation. He can just do his best and ask others to tell him how they think he can do better. That advice he can take up and do something with it or not.

This webpage wants to give some people another sight on their resposibility. If you ask, who is responsible for the patient in coma, no one will want to have that responsibility, but the mother, that wants to keep the child in the coma as she can live very good from the money that the insurance company pays for her child.

The daughter that does not want her mother to be treated with hpi-therapy does not want her mother to move again. She would tell the daughter that she should take care of her daughter another way. That it is not in the interest of daughter nor father nor herself to forbid the daughter to stay overnight at the fathers who lives almost 200 km away from the mother.

The wife that gives the father of her child who came into the state of coma as she was pregnant food that she prepared herself, through a tube in stead of through the mouth, keeps her husband in the physical coma state by this action.

He is not capable to use this nutrition normal as he is not able to move and it is not coming through the mouth.

A normal digestion begins with seeing and smelling the food. One gets water in the mouth if the food one sees is attractive. If it is not attractive, the mouth will stay dry and that means that no normal digestion can take place.

The foreigners in the supermarket want toast bread but there are too many different toast breads so they do not buy one. Too much of one thing can make that the person can not decide and turns around and walks away.

The diagnose "patient in coma" is a shock and that shock must be treated. The patient in coma is someone who can not move. That is the only problem, like the assistant, who has no power to decide. He must do what the leader or assistant leader tells him to do.

He can feel that the person that the letter is written to needs this letter, the boss is the one that decides and will he lose his job when .....?


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