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The sun


is giving warmth, light and movement. The shadow of all that stays at one place, moves.

The movements of the Sun are not the reason that the shadow moves, but the movements of the Earth, but we do not say that the Earth moves as we take ourselves as the start.

We say that the Sun goes around the Earth and that is not true if we look on the system that Earth and Sun are in. Sun moves and Earth moves around the Sun and that makes that day and night appear.

When the day starts in the East and people get up, people in the West are asleep and for them it is still night and in the USA and Canada or South of Amerca, it will take even longer before their day starts.

Making physical contact by phone or skype makes that one person is sitting in the sun and enjoying the day and the other person may have to deal with the night.

When both are aware about the time of the sun that it is in the country where the friend lives, they will find a time that suits both. When in one country there is a difference between summer and winter time, they will have to know that too.

One can easily forget about the summer time or winter time if one is not connected to the clock that is used in the country one lives. That can be the case if one does not have regular work or not any work at all and hardly any contact with others.

The time can also be used different by people. Those that always try to prevent that what they already experienced, live in the past and in the future, hopping over the moment that is.

If one hopps over the moment that is NOW, one can not create the future. The future can only be created NOW. In the moment of NOW the future is created because the person does what he does in this moment now to create the future.

The person that tries, conscious or unconscious to prevent something, has a big part of his awareness on what he wants to prevent. By changing this awareness to that what one wants to experience, the future will be different.

It may cost a lot of time before the wishes really are manifested, as the unconscious system is used to prevent, but the more one truts that the future will be different from that past, one will allow oneself to act different.

Acting different will make that you get other experiences. The world travel that you always wanted to make, can also be made in small bits. In stead of taking 5 years "off", you can start with two weeks and next time it may be three weeks or 4 and maybe one day you find yourself being travelling around all the time.


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