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by coma therapy, the Dutch seem to think.

Is coma therapy the way of acting that makes that people do not get the information that they need or is coma therapy the therapy that has to be given to all patients that can not move because they are in a coma state?

This coma state is a physical coma. It is also possible that a person has a partly physical coma like for example the person that can not turn his head or someone who is not able to bent his knee.

These partly physical comas never are treated by putting the person in bed and keep them there without being able to move,

But if a person has had a life dangerous trauma that made him go into the total physical coma state, he mostly is treated as if he is very ill, even if his state is stabil.

The usually used therapies have not been able to develop a coma treatment that has the wanted result with most of the patients.

Therefore hpi-therapy has been developed but until now the responsible persons did not understand the importance of this therapy and prefered the old fashioned ones. The patient was not heard nor asked.

The result of this choice is that none of the patients that has been treated with hpi-therapy has had the chance to come on his feet.

Hpi-therapy is a therapy that is based upon physiotherapy, cranial sacral therapy, hnc and INEH. This combination makes that the patient is reconnected to the earth and that the tonus of his physical body is normalised so he can learn to move again.

This is a process that takes time. Hpi-therapy is a therapy that must be given 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that day and night competent people care for the patient and help him to move.

Moving after having been moved is the Secret of hpi-therapy. The patient has his own movement experiences and these must get connected to the remembrance again.

By reconnecting the patient in coma with the earth, movements will get available again because movements can only be made by using the earth as the take off ground. As long as the connection to the earth is not available as take off ground, the patient will not be able to move.

Hpi-therapy must have the goal to help the patient to move again. If this goal is not the point of take off, the patient will not get into movement again as he follows the energy that the therapy is offered with.

Without following the own inner voice that is connected to the inner voice of the patient, an exercise will not have the right intension and the patient in coma can only follow intensions as the connections between his emotional and physical and connections between his mental and physical body are broken.

These broken connections are the reason that the patient can not move. The brain, the nerves, the muscles and the synapses are in good state but the function of this system is in disorder because of the broken connections.

Through hpi-therapy these broken connections can be remade and the next step is to reinstall the function of these connections by offering the movements that reinstall these connections.

As all patients have their own, very special, movement experiences, the needed movements are to be found for every patient. The needed movements can be found by using the own intuition and the needed movement will always be made by the patient too and will give a feeling of joy and happiness. The patient will be very attentive as he has to seek in his remembrance to find how to make this movement.


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