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coma treatment or movement





A view

on the state of coma must be given to be able to understand what is meant.

What is meant, when one talkes or writes about the coma state? Is it a country that is meant that makes laws that can not be followed like the law that says that the habitants must see to it that the footway will be cleaned of snow?

This law is not to be followed as snow is faster than human being sometimes. Than you can be 4 who try to keep the pavement free of snow and not be able to do so.

The snow is falling and falling without any pause and human being is just not capable to give this snow the answer that the law is followed.

An extra reason that this is impossible is, that there are not enough people that have the time to do so. They must earn money to pay their rent, the trips they have to make for their work and the food that is needed and therefore they are not at home when the snow falls.

Sometimes food is needed, not for the physical body that just enjoys the company it is in, but for the emotional part of all those people, sitting at the table and needing something to talk about.

They do not want to talk about their coma and all the experiences they had because of that. It is not exactly a nice story that comes up when coma was directing.

The neighbour that wanted the neighbour to close his door, was complaining about the noise that the closing of this door made.

And as the neighbour was so bold to sit on the balcony where the neighbour that did not like the sound of the door that was closed, was sitting, the balcony was parted in two.

The left part became the part of the doors closing neighbour and the right part was for the not liking neighbour.

And that gave a big problem as the not liking neighbour had not thought about coming into his own appartment. He had to pass over the left part of the balcony, so by making this rule that parted the balcony in two, the partner that had this idea forgot in his coma the results.

The writer can not say he is not in coma. Unfortunately he still is and that is shown as he is not paid for the work he does. As long as there is someone who pays the rent and insurances that has to be paid, no problem.

The EU is used by insurence companies to get money without doing anything for it. They use the EU and the law that every citizen in Europe must be insured for health problems, not to accept the cancelling of an insurance.

And in the meantime, they wrote the person that no longer wants to have this insurence, that in case of illness they will not take care of the costs.

They rather pay the bailiff than give the patient in coma the electrical wheelchair that he needs to come into movement again.


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