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The title of this Short Story is aids, because I feel like I need more than one aid. My printer has given up some months ago and now my screen had gone black so I can no longer work with the computer.

And my website is not ready yet! I got aware of the fact that I am not connected to the outer world. I got a friend that is connected to the outer world. She has a telephone, a mobile telephone and her computers that are connected to the internet.

I lost my Dutch handy on my trip to Neuchâtel and I am not connected to the internet since I live at this place, which is 3 years now. My computer did not want to accept the connection in this house. So I got to make physical contact to other persons to be able to go into the internet.

I used to do that at my neighbours but she is moving away now and she will also take the telephone with her and that means that my telephone will also be cut off as it is part of hers.

So I got more and more disconnected here where I am living now. Until now I did not find anything I need to do to be able to do what I think I am good at and therefore I am asking for HELP.

I have written it in other Short Stories too, I need a car. It is very nice to hitch hike and meet all those very nice people that bring me there, where I want to go, but I can not spontaneously jump into the car and drive to Neuchâtel to visit the niece of my mother.

Well, I would have visited her if I had had a car at Christmas, but now I was at her funeral. So I will not visit her any more, but it would be nice to be able to visit the boy in Wiesbaden who is in coma since 2 years and to be able to treat him.

To be able to do so, I do need a lot of money as the car has to get petrol to drive and I need money to live. To be able to live I need a house, a roof above the head in stead of the holiday apartment where I am living since 3 years. The rent has been cancelled so I got to get out before June 2012.

More and more I get the need of a lightful house where people come to be educated as coma-therapist or coma-nurse. I think I also need 5 computers, one for every language. So I do not have to search on the keyboard for the capitals but can just push one button to get the special French, Norwegian or German capitals.

Like my friend in France who has a German and a French computer. So I need a house, where these 5 computers can all stand, ready to be used at one place as I write all the different languages through each other or whatever that is called in English.

Sometimes I even write half a story in one language and than another in another language. Those are my most important physical needs. And to that I also need contact to people that know the way to make it possible to teach hpi-therapy so every patient in coma will be treated by it. That is the biggest need of the patients in coma.

They are now treated with therapies that are really strained and they cannot complain! The people that give those therapies try to do something good but they have not tried to feel what the patient in coma is sensing. It seems that all people that are working with patients in coma are incapable of using their sensitivity to feel what the patient is feeling.

I become ill if I try to feel how the boy in Wiesbaden feels through the treatment he gets now. I assume he gets out of his body because the therapy is much too painful. He has no other way to get away from the pain.

Is anyone reading what I am writing? Is anyone willing to change the given treatment into a treatment that is teamwork and given 24 h sur 24, around the clock?

I can tell what helps, who wants to listen? I need help to get in touch with those people that can decide what therapy is the best for patients in coma. I do my work, who can help me with the aids I need?


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