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patient in coma treatment or movement
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A day of a patient in coma

You are lying in the bed when I come. It does not take long to know your program.

You are in the bed until 11.00. Than you are put in a chair until 13.00 and put into the bed again.

At 19.00 you are taken out of the bed again until 21.00 and than you stay in the bed until 11.00 next morning again.

Except the one day in the week that you are given a shower. Than you are taken out of the bed before 11.00 and put in a shower chair and given a shower.

I did not observe that. I am not a nurse and like to see my patients dressed and upright. Out of the bed in the vertical position so the postural tonus will normalise.

But I have the experience that the patient in coma does not have a chance to normalise his postural tonus. Everybody knows that lieing in the bed diminishes the condition and makes the person tired when he does not have a support to lean on.

The support that the patient in coma needs is not any medication, is not the turning in the bed every hour, but it is help to be able to move normal.

The patient needs help to move. Not just once in an hour or once in two hours and no mobility in between, but he needs help to move all the time.

He must be given the possibility to move normal. That means that he must be free of tubes or machines that take over functions and disturb the normal energetical flow in the whole system.

The acupuncture can help to normalise energy flow, holes that are made in the body can disturb the energy flow so much that the patient can no longer move normal, gets ballerina feet or can not keep his eyes open.

Especially if he is not moved, the eyes can be full of liquid that can not flow and the eyes keep closed. The power to open them is too small. The patient will tell later, if he is brought into movement, that he just could not open his eyes.

He was treated as a patient in coma that is not moved and that made that he could not move. He understood everything that was said but could not speak. And if he could form the words with his mouth and did so, no one looked at his mouth and tried to find out what he was saying.

The therapy that is given is not given with the feeling of being a patient in coma but with an eye on the clock that only has 8 hours to do the work that has to be done.

If no clock is used and the hands that move the patient feel what movement the patient wants to make now, the movements that are made with him will be much slower than they are done "to keep the mobility of the joints" and there will be more variation in movements.

The patient is not a hip right, a hip left, a shoulder right, a shoulder left, but a human being that wants to move and needs help to be able to. He can not cry out his pain when a movement that hurts or medical handling that hurts or almost kills him is done.

The signs he gives about pain are seen but no one seems to find these signs worth to be interpreted as ground no longer to do that movement or to do that medical handling. In stead all the staff apologize that they have to do this medical handling, not aware about the killing aspect that it has.

Only the speaking patient has a chance not to be killed by medical handling? No, also the speaking patient has a big chance if the doctor is not honest about the medication that he gives the patient. The vitamines to build up the physical body were often a new chemical that was in trial for use for patients with cancer.

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A day of a patient in coma

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