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coma treatment or movement
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The mess

What a mess! It seems that Europe is totally in disorder!

The banks seem no longer capable to work with the money of the little man the way that the little man of the street gets some profit out of it at the end of the year.

Instead the gouvernments of the countries of the EU, the Economic Union of Europe, have to see to it that they use their savings to make it possible to banks that used to earn money by loaning money to the little man as a mortgage, to survive.

The farmer that was so unlucky that he got a loan for the expansion that he wanted to make to get more milk because he would be able to keep more cows, got bancrupt.

He killed himself as he was no longer capable to buy his kids and his wife nourishment. The bank came after Iceland blew up.

The papers were full of it, what they are not when a person is blown up. The patient in coma that is fedd and fedd and fedd without being moved, can not burn what is put in him.

If he can not get rid of all the substances that are pushed in him, he blows up, becomes a thick person and one day, he will die because he is no longer capable of getting rid of all this stuff that is put in him without giving him a chance to burn it.

As long as he is not helped to move, he will not be able to burn any nourishment. Like the moving person, that changed his system.

Stress that someone makes himself, for whatever reason, is for some people the reason not to eat.

Others start to eat and do not gain an ounce. They might even loose weight, as the stress makes them use all the energy that is in the nourishment before it can fedd them.

Especially people that are fedd up with their life, can have a physical system that grows fat or looses weight whatever they eat.

The patient in coma would not die if he would not be fedd, as he does not move enough to be able to burn what he gets. Eating by mouth, the normal way, would be healing as this would give him a reason to move more.

He needs a lot of time at the beginning, but than it will become easier and easier, as is normal for human being who repeats movements.

The state that the patient in coma is in, is not a normal state. It is a state of maximal awareness and this makes that the patient will be able to stay alive as long as there is enough love flowing.

The nursing home that becomes more and more technical with people that no longer like to work there as their work is not paid properly, can be sure that there will be nursing personnel that nevertheless stays as they feel the love that the patients give.

But if the rules in the nursing home are too unhuman, the nursing personnel will go into the mental coma that makes that they do not get aware of the pain they feel because tha patients in coma are in pain as a result of the treatment.

A normal speaking and moving patient will tell the nurses and therapists, that they have to change something to help him on his feet, but it seems, that no one that has to do with patients in coma can stay alert.

Let us just treat them as neurological patients, the daily thought seems to be. Twentyfive years of experiences and still are patients in coma not wanted.

They are thrown out if they are not on their feet after one year or they are not taken up in the rehab center. The doctors fear that the patient will not be brought on his feet and that would diminish the quote.

Someone who is an expert, will take up every patient and he will search for the right treatment to help the patients on their feet.

The start is very simple: to help someone on his feet, help him on his feet!

If a person has depst, than help him to earn money, if a person does not know where to start, give him a start, and if a person can not come on his feet without help, help him to come on his feet.

The help that is given is the cause of the result. No help given, can not change the existing situation.

The patient with pain in the hips will do everything to avoid this pain. If he is helped by taking the pain or making it less, he will move again and these movements will change his physical system.

The physical system of the patient in coma is mostly in order, but the function of it is not. It is like the stammering person that has a speaking system that functions, but sometimes, it does not and he stammers or, like the non-speaking autistic person, he can no longer talk.

It does not help to try with punishment or rewards to make the non-speaking autist speak. He will not be able to speak as he was forbidden to speak. "Do not tell your father, your mother, the neighour, at school, the piano teacher.....!" are reasons to loose the function of speaking.

In emotional situations lots of people are without speaking words. The words are lieing on the tip of the tongue, but it is impossible to speak them. As long as this person stays mental, he is able to talk.

But if mother calls or the sister that is very ill or the partner of the patient in coma, one can become mute.

The patient in coma can not talk, because he can not move. He can not move which means he can not go away from loud noises, pain or other pain giving deeds.

He can not get away but out of his body, the same thing that so many persons in coma do if they no longer can stand the other, his voice, his sight, his smell, his deeds. Having to wait until someone has finished to speak, makes that the doctor jumps out of his physical body.

You can observe, that his eyes no longer see what is going on and after he is told, that it is his turn, he shows that he was not aware of what was spoken.

He can not react on what was said and that makes, that he will not change anything concerning the treatment of the patient in coma that he is responsible for.

Changes are needed to change the world, start with yourself is what the hpi-method teaches. Start to hear what is said, in stead of having to read the mouth.

Reading lips should not be necessary to be able to understand what is said. It is sad that so many people are in coma that they are afraid to change something that would allow the patient in coma to move.




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