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Not everybody drinks port wine, like there are people that do not feel being the person that the physical body that they are born in, is the right one.

On the radio it is told that in Holland eightteenhundred young people are on the waiting list to have the physical body changed of gender. How much does these physical changes of sex/gender cost and how much are these costs in relation to the costs that are made for physiotherapy?

If you know, please INFORM ME: T. 0031 617 366 520 or MAIL so I no longer have to wonder. A butterfly just enters the room, flies around and decides to leave the room again, but not after allowing me to make a picture of him. A butterfly is a very special species. It has a very special transformation during its life.

The butterfly is not, like human being, born like a small one that grows bigger, but it is a caterpillar that grows and, if the circumstances are good enough, the transformation proces makes a butterfly of it.

We do not know what or how a butterfly senses. If it has the feeling of being a he or a she. Human being can express to others (if they speak each others language and are on the same wave-length, there are a lot of people that misunderstand each-other) and the person has an idea about the "feeling being man" and the "feeling being woman". It is about a feeling that sometimes does not fit with the outside, the physical body, that (exceptions excepted) is born typical man or typical woman.

What can be the cause that the feeling of the child is not agreeing with the physical body? The girl that has the feeling to be a boy or the boy that has the feeling to be a girl, now can go to the medical institution to have the physical body changed. How come that this is offered?????

How come that the child is not content with the physical body it is born in? How come that there are nowadays so many children that have the feeling they are born in the wrong body?

I would like to learn about the way these children are born! Has anyone been involved to have the child be born earlier or later, to be born on a special day or . . . . , has the doctor wanted to exercise the caesarian operation?

There are doctors, that think that the woman that is pregnant, is ill and that, if they have made the child come out, the illness is over, but that seems a typical masculine sight. The woman has a changed body system during and after the pregnancy and the way the child is born, has a huge influence on this person.

When the child is born normally and spontanously, the woman usually has a lot of pain, but after the birth usually she is in good form and moving around right away, but the woman that gave birth with medical aid, has to recover from the surgery. That is also the case when "only medication" was used to fasten or slow down the birth.

If the doctor does not have enough anaesthetics taken with him, he may give the wine or port wine that is in the home to the mother to get her drunk so she will not feel the pain when he cuts the membrane to fasten the birth. The child may discover that always on the day of the week that the birth took place and in the hour before the time of birth, things that are done are forgotten.

The medication and the alcoholics make that the child is in coma too during the birth. It may be one of the causes that someone has the feeling to be born in "the wrong body". And what about the difference in bringing-up? Would nobody have the feeling to be "born in the wrong body" if the bringing-up and education of the boy and the girl would be exactly the same?

We will never know as that is not the case, but it is worth a try to give the child the chance to feel at home in its physical body. That will prevent a lot of trouble that can appear after operations of a healthy physical body trying to make the outside look like what most people think the outside must look like.

Accepting the physical body as a present of birth with a wisdom that we often do not understand than in old age, makes us free to live our life independent of the "must be" ideas of the community that seems to be afraid of taking resposibility of the own happiness. Inside we all are manandwoman. Sometimes our inner man is dominant and sometimes the inner woman is dominant. And in old age you may discover that these two married and that the physical body that you were born in, is the right one as the physical body is no longer that important as you do not feel gender/sex but just being a human being.


De onbeweeglijkheid van patiënt in coma veranderen in beweging

Change the immobility of the patient in coma into movement

Ändere die Unbeweglichkeit des Patienten im Wachkoma in Bewegung

Change l'immobilité du patient comateux mouvant

Endre det ubevegelige livet av pasient i koma i bevegelse

Believe what you want to believe
research what you want to find out
and move with the patient in coma

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