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Britain changes


How come that you do not change anything?

How do you do that, not feeling guilty that everything is the way it is?

Did you ever think about how it would be if you were him?

If you would not be able to move. Not a little bit of any part of you? Having to be taken care of as if you were a new born baby, but in the meantime you are the adult you are.

You have had all these experiences that you had and you know who you are and you do feel everything that happens much more intense than before and you are aware of everything that is going on with you and around you.

You feel when the chef of the station comes in through the front door of the building and you also feel it when your beloved come in.

And you can not move anything. You can not show them that you are glad to see them and you can not show the doctor that he is not taking the right decision.

You have to be moved and you have to be taken out to feel the sun and the rain on your skin but they keep you in. You need changes in your position but they leave you, lying in bed and you can not move.

They come just once every hour if you are lucky, to look if you did some pi and every second or third hour they come to change your position.

Your position is hurting you, even after they just came to change your position. Can you imagine, to have to lie in bed and not being able to move? To be changed in position without any feeling for how the position you are put in influences your body.

Your body is hurting of all this lying in the bed, without being able to move. Can you imagine, not being able to talk and answer all the questions that the others ask you?

Why do you not do anything to change the situation of this man that is brought to you to get on his feet again? You know that it is possible but you do not know how it has to be done.

hpi-therapy gives everybody in coma the chance to move again. But only if it is used.


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These short stories
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