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coma treatment or movement
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I was at the hospital near Innsbruck where Prins Friso was not taken as a patient because they thought they could not bring him into moving again.

He is in London now and I wonder if the treatment over there is much different from the treatment in the clinic in Hochzirl. To me it seems that Prins Friso is still not treated to be able to move again.

He needs, like all patients in coma, to be connected to the earth again so he will be able to move with the earth as basis to start off.

The earth is moving and if we do not move, we move with the speed of the earth. If we move ourselves, we use the gravity to move upon the earth. Movements are only movements if they result in a change of position in relation to the earth.

The patient in coma is in a muscle tonus that is so high, that moving is only possible if this movement is changing this tonus and this is the case if the movement has the goal to change the tonus.

The tonus can be changed by making movements that stimulate the postural reflex so the postural tonus will be normalised and this is the case if the movements are made whilst realising that the postural tonus must be changed to normalise the tonus.

Any movement that is made with the patient in coma must be accompanied with mental information about the movement that is made, so the patient will be able to use his knowledge about moving at his moving.

He will always make the movement that is wanted if he can make it. If not, it is not the necessary movement for this moment and one has to find the movement that the patient now needs to be made. If one listens to the knowing energy of the patient one will always find the movement that is needed now to be made.

The needed movement will give the feeling of joy and love and the patient will be very attentive to make the right movement.



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