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coma therapy or movement
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The paper

had to be written to get the paper that says that the education was followed. For the student that still did not have connection to his words, that was impossible.

He could not write a paper with a lot of words to tell how he was abused during the education, thinking that was not possible.

He did not get aware about it at the time it happened but as he spoke about it with another student later, after he got aware about it, he learned that it had been visible that he was abused.

Patients are abused and nothing is done about it. They are told "it" is nothing, just a simple operation that is done so often. They show a picture of what they did this day.

Is it a butcher or a doctor that is in charge? What happens with this organ that is taken out and makes that the woman or the man no longer is fysically a woman or a man?

What makes a person a woman or a man?

Is it the physical body that shows a penis or not? Is it the feeling the person has or the desire about the gender he would like to have?

The man in the physical body acts like a man and some people do see him as a man and accept that he is a man although the physical body shows a woman.

The woman that looks like a man with beard and moustache desires to be a woman and goes to the doctor that diagnoses "transsexual" and operations are done after lots of chemicals that changed the function of the body.

The former friends do not understand. Some of the new ones either.

They learned to accept their physical body and found out that the disadvantages of the youth because of the gender of the physical body are advantages at age.



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