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coma treatment or movement
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Max makes more movements

possible, they say. If this is true, does that mean that he also uses the hpi-method? There are lots of people that use this method without having given it a name.

The writer had to give it a name to be able to talk about it. Bobath used his own name, as well as those that developed lymph drainage.

Those methods have prooved their effect and are therefore paid by the insurance companies but one wonders, why they also pay these techniques when they are used on a group of patients without the results that are wanted.

The very beautiful spanish woman that was treated with the hpi-method once, found out this way that the leg that swollowed during the year soo much that she had to use her holiday to be treated in the hospital that is expert on swollen body, that this leg could feel different.

She did not have the feeling that this leg was a part of her. That is called "body awareness" and necessary to give the body the chance to function normally.

The body that is not felt, will not be able to function normal as it will not be treated normal. The person that does not feel he is hungry will not eat. He may feel he is hungry but not see that as priority and continue his work and be fedd by that. The light-nourishment is a word for this behaviour.

One does not have to starve, but one only needs a lot to do to change his system of the physical body. Or one gets into a shock that makes that one can not move any longer.

That is, can not move visibly. Like sitting and waiting for the appointment one has at the dentist. The time seems to stay still and one wants to move but does not dare.

Time is not what the clock says. It has several base. You can take the sun as a base or you can take your own movements as a base, knowing how long it takes you to do something.

If you can not move, time is not flowing. The patient in coma that can not move, is still in the moment of the trauma that made that he came into the state of coma. All experiences that he has afterwards, come onto the experience that was followed by the state of coma.

This experience was not the cause of the state of coma, but the feeling not being able to move. That feeling has been manifested on the physical part of life to show it others, that are involved.

And those show by their reaction on the state of coma of the patient, how flexible they are.

The experiences that they have during the proces of treatment of the patient in coma are a mirror of the world they are living in.

My world is a mental world, full of words that were never spoken. These words now can be spoken and are spoken and written down so others do not have to stay immobile and see how the patient tries to move.

The "wild" patient in coma must not be given peace but he must be given the help he needs to move. This help is not the music that makes him tired or sad. He needs the childish way of life that plays.

The child that plays with the patient in coma does, what the grown up should do. They should take time to listen to what the patient needs. That is the combination of music, love, movement, patience.

The patient patient is waiting until he is moved the way that he can move himself. The patient therapist is waiting until he is asked to move those that want to be moved.

The patient teacher does not give notes but asks for information about what is going on and how this influences the way of life that the patient in coma is offered.



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