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But I mean the point is: mon ey


e, can never be better than love.

You know, the point is, if you do not use coins to pay, do you have any idea how much weight you lose? I do like coins. I do like the numbers at the bank if the numbers are positive.

With coins you can feel, how many you have in your pocket. I seem to be lucky, I found some in a drawer and that will make that I can buy some milk again. I am happy that the cats are gone.

I do not buy any cat food any longer. I miss them as no one comes to my window any more to see if I am there and comes in to sleep on my bed. Alone is just alone but I discovered I am not alone!

I had once a human design system page made for me and it said that I am a manifesting generator and the manifesting generator has to wait until he is asked. I get tired of waiting so I asked the universe to do something about it.

Asking the universe to do something one can always do. If nothing happens, nothing is lost, if something happens, life changes. And I cried three times very loud, that I wanted to remember everything. This was just before I went on my world trip and the answer was great.

From the next day my thoughts were almost only memories. I saw or heard or smelled something and my memory started to give me all the memories that could be connected with that I got aware of. It started with one memory that gave another and another and another and I was busy, busy and busy with remembering, and enjoying it.

After 50 years of not being able to remember unless the experience was very painful, I loved to remember all those little bits of experiences that I had. I could do nothing else than try to write them down.

The story of my life came to me. That is usually what happens when you die. My death will have to wait, I can not die yet. First I have to write some books about the treatment of patients in coma, autistic people and of people that are depressive.

There is so much to tell about it. The family and its energy is very important by all three of them. The importance of the family energy has not been in the awareness of the medical world until now, because the medical world can not scientifically measure it.

But the point is that a lot of things can not be scientifically measured. Like the money in the bank. How can the money in the bank be measured? By time that the computer has finished this job, the results are changed already.

Like I just remove a song from the list that is played, the computer sings the song further, but the song is no longer on the list. And like that, if the computer has counted the fist 3000 numbers and number 2000 and 2345 are changed, the computer can not see that.

He goes on on his way down the list. And if we would tell the computer to check once more from down until up or up until down, the same thing will happen again. So, what are numbers in the bank?

Is that the reason, that all banks nowadays charge money for having money in the bank? If you have a lot of money in the bank, I mean, eh, the point is eh, a lot of money that comes into your account every month, than you will not be charged money for having it not in the bank.

So, the bank thinks they have another amount of money in the bank, than they have. And so do people. They get totally false ideas about themselves of others. They ask you when you were born and than they tell you what they believe are your qualities.

They do not know HOW you were born. And this is what makes that they might be very wrong. If you were not born at the time you would have been born if they would have let you, and you would have been born later than the moment you saw the light, you are not the person that belongs to the time you saw the light.

How I know? I am not the person that everyone thinks I am. I feel much more centred now and all my friend think I am gone crazy. All but the new once. They love me like I love them. It is soo great to be able to exchange love without having any expectations.

I just experienced how a very lovely person became the real one inside just because I told him to stop making holes in the physical body. Piercing and tattoo is in all minds, not being aware of what happens.

The physical body is as the car you might be driving in. What happens, if you make holes in your car? The water runs in, it will rust and you will not be able to stop it. The physical body reacts the same. The Chinese know about the meridians and they use needles to heal the system.

The meridians are disturbed by the piercing and a daughter of a friend had bleedings for more than 4 weeks because of a piercing. After she took it out, the bleeding stopped. Does the piercing guy know that?

Tattoos can have the same effect. The way tattoos are made also disturbs the energetic system because they disturb the energy by changing the way it can flow. A tattoo makes wounds and wounds change the energy flow because the design changes the skin and that is a new continuous situation.

This knowledge has been used at the colonies by the local people. They captured the women and gave them sign tattoos and these signs made that the women could no longer give milk. Their kids would die as there is no milk over there unless a local woman would give milk to these kids.

The milk of the local woman would give the child the connection to the local people what the conqueror did not like. Those women could not get other children because they were also sterilised.

Fortunately these practices are not common any more. The woman gets usually more respect from the men than before but it is still not the peace that could be.

Inner peace gives the person love that he wants to share with everybody. No exceptions. A person with inner love will never tell you that he loves you and in the same breath send you away. I was astonished that you called me to tell me that you love me but do not want any contact because you do not like my behaviour.

And my behaviour was telling you, that I would not close my heart for you. I have been walking around long enough with my heart closed and now I do not want to do so any longer. I decided that NO one will be able to let me close my heart again.

And that is a promise that I will keep! And I know why. As I just promised myself that I no longer would work after 18.00 o’clock, the most lovely young woman entered my practice and was shining like the stars at the sky.

I loved her at the first sight. And se asked me to treat her, but after 18.00 o’clock. So, I gave up my promise to be able to receive this beautiful woman and enjoyed the love flowing between us. The treatments I gave her were very important for my future.

I reacted on her in a very unusual way and she told me that that had to do with her youth. We did not talk about it much but now I know that I had reacted that way so she would remember and be able to solve the problem that was caused by the experiences that made her the one she was.

Her love had been abused and I got very angry on the man that did it. I wanted to find him and tell him what he had done to this woman and all the others that he abused. But I could not. I was the non-speaking autist.

The power he had was because of being a teacher in a certain sports he gave the girls that trusted him, trust them selves and they loved him for that. When he had done so he abused them and the trust that he gave them in them selves was lower than before because of that.

I still get angry and would like to kill him but that would not help. There will always be situations like this. The man can learn to respect the women, not only the gown up or not only the small but all women.

There seem to be a lot of men that do not respect women and their daughters do not have the chance to get a good feeling of themselves through that. Knowing that a father abuses his daughter without being able to prove it, is for me horrible.

But it is a fact. I could only tell the daughter to trust the mother or someone else and hope that she would find the right person to help her. I could not, still not able to talk and how should I as a foreigner that just passes by, know what is going on?

I felt it and the story that I was told made me think what I thought. I hope I am wrong and if I am right that she will find the RIGHT person that will be able to let her change her energy and heal the cause of the abuse.

If a child is not able to heal the abuse, its children have a big chance to be abused too. The mother might not be aware of it as she is afraid of the emotional explosions of the man. They usually have a silent pact that they will not accuse one another.

This silent pact is the security of the mother and the danger for the child. The security of the mother is important for the child because the mother is the connection to the father and the mother is the one that gives food.

Even if the father does the cooking, the mother is the one with the breasts. That is why the mother is energetically the one that is connected to everything that the child needs. The father makes it possible for the mother to have something to give to the child, but the mother gives it.

That is the normal energetic situation. If the father is no longer there, the child will have the feeling that the other will not be able to have what it needs. That makes a difference from the situation in which the father is still there but not the mother.

In this situation the father can give the child what it needs as long as the child has been felt loved by the mother. If the mother leaves because she closed her heart, the child will not have the feeling to be fed. If the mother comes back just because she did not succeed in what she wanted, the children will feel not accepted and will have to find a way to feel accepted when they are adults.

The father can never be the replacement of the mother. She will always be in between them. If the father would change place with her, the children will not be able to respect him. They will think he has capitulated.

By capitulating the mother gets the feeling she succeeded in what she wanted. The children will not be able to love their mother because she left and the father because he capitulated. Unless the child has experienced the love of the mother.

If the child has experienced the love of the mother it knows that it is loved and this knowledge will always be there and make it possible to the child to accept if the father capitulates. The child that has not experienced the love of the mother will not be able to love the mother nor the father.

This child must be learned to love itself without any demands. Only than it can experience the love of the parents. The mother that does not want contact with the child makes that the child will not be able to love the father.

The father will not be able to love the mother if she does not love the children. And we have a situation of non loving all around. To change this situation a child might chose to become a patient in coma, hoping that the parents will change their mind.

Hoping that they will be able to let their love flow to all the children and to themselves and each other. The child that choses to become a patient in coma has faith that he will be healed. But to that he needs the RIGHT therapy and, at the moment that therapy is called hpi-therapy.

The child that became a patient in coma and that preferred this situation above the cold and war full energy that was in the family, needs the right treatment to be able to move again.

Getting this person out of bed, putting in a wheelchair and pushing this wheelchair around, is not the right treatment. It looks like the running away from the children that made that this situation came into existence.

The RIGHT eye of the father is ignored as well as the RIGHT feeling he has. He has the inner knowing of what his child needs but as long as the mother is in charge she will do what she did before. She will see to it that the children will not be loved so she can stay the boss.

The child that is the patient in coma knows the possibilities and will have the longest breath one can have. Who will kill his child for money? Money keeps the world go around and, if it is not much in Germany than you can try another country like Rumenia, Malaysia or Indonesia.

If the money is just enough not to die in Germany, you can live as a queen in Rumenia, Malaysia or Indonesia. I have that in my awareness. If my financial situation is not changed, I will not be able to treat patients in coma because of the rules of the Harz IV or SGB II system.

These rules do not allow you to leave the house more than the village you live in. As far as I know there are no patients in coma living in the village I live in. As the patients need 3x a week a 2 hours treatment a therapist can only treat 4 persons a week unless he works 6 days a week.

Most people I meet, mean they can not work at the weekend. I was thrown out because I talked about the office subject but I do not mind. I am a person that works 24 hours a day. Day and night I am the canal for love (nr. 70) that Yvonne in Den Haag told me for about 16 years, that I was.

She also prescribed me C1000 that was not sold at the C1000. Nr. 46 she gave me too, I still got the original piece of paper and nr. 46 seems to be called Activ.

I came in contact with Bach Flowers but they do not have that high numbers. I can not tell what sort of alternative medicines these Love, Activ and C1000 are. I took them because I wanted to change my state of being.

I was not feeling. And that did not feel well. This therapist has the same name as I was born with so that was to me a secure feeling, being a therapist myself.

She was a friend of the woman that gave courses of Touch for Health that I followed. And Touch for Health was the start of kinesiology and hnc the end, at this moment. And hnc made, that I developed hpi-therapy.

Hnc is a therapy that connects people with their personal will! And by doing this the person can decide what he wants to do. And I decided I want to live to the benefit of the Whole.

The benefit of the Whole decided that I would be the right person to develop hpi-therapy because I made the right experiences in my life. My experiences made that hpi-therapy could be developed. All the studies I followed give me the view I have and that is a round one.

And because I have a round view, I trust that my work will be paid. I do not have any income now except from the € 250,- that I get as social money but the bank gives me a credit. They love me to take it because than they can charge me even more money than they do already.

They charge me because I do not get € 1200,- a month on my account. So finally today I did what I should have done before. I made the bank take the money go around and I hope that that works. Than I will have to pay a little bit for taking the credit, but as that is so much less than the charges for just having the account, I take the chance.

And when the courses start, I will no longer have to pay account at these banks. It interests me if they pay a good interest and if so I might get a saving account at this bank. Today there were not many customers and the people that work there did not go to each other to ask their questions.

It is such a modern bank. They have a hall without separate offices and all the customers that are standing in the row or at a desk to fill out their cheques hear everything that is said by the people that work there.

As I like a little bit of privacy, I prefer a bank that has separated rooms like the international wealth management. But not at this bank, because I want to be treated with love. The man that does the work that I asked him to do, does his job but he throws away the piece of paper that I had written the number on where my money had to go to.

Fortunately I became aware of this before I left the bank. I still get in coma if the person I am dealing with is in coma. That is the sign to me that I am not a manifesting generator. I must be a reflector. The reflector is the person that reflects all he meets.

That is a state of clearness. All experiences can be seen with the eye of the observer. One is IN the situation but once experiences it as being the observer. By being the observer the person that reflects feels what the other one thinks and feels and reacts on that.

If I think of someone that is in coma, and I mean the mental coma, the state of: I do not know what to do, who I am or what I feel, I get this same state and forget, what I wanted to do. Writing about a person has the same effect, but that is only a short moment.

Lots of persons react the same way but they are not aware of it. By getting aware of it, I experience that I do not have to follow this state but can come back into my state of awareness again quickly. In the meantime I got this information about this person I was thinking about.

The information I get is always useful to be able to see to it, that this person will be able to change what he wants to change. As long as he is willing to do something for it. As I was in Malaysia and Indonesia I had the idea, others were responsible for my financial situation.

It took me some days to decide they were not, that I was responsible for everything that happens in my life. And that was a very important change of my attitude and behaviour. In the future I will teach this to everybody who wants to use the richness he is.

Without taking responsibility and without being honest to yourself, you can never be happy. You are the one who knows how much truth you tell. The amount of truth you tell will be the amount of what you believe that others tell you.

The more you tell the truth, the more you will meet persons that tell the truth and by that you are stimulated to tell the truth. If you always tell the truth your energy will show this and people see that, mostly unaware.

This makes that they react on that and usually they react by also telling the truth. That creates situations in which persons tell you their whole life without knowing you. I always did that if I met someone that showed interest in me. I was not used to that and I wanted to let my love flow.

I was told I am a cold kikker, the frog that is green and cold. That coldness is the mental love. The mental love is not emotional. The emotional love can be without mental love. And if these two meet, they can BE love and they will not understand each other.

They first will have to get a connection to the other way of love again to be able to understand the other. I am glad that I am no longer the cold kikker. In Indonesia I met so many lovely people that I could not keep my heart closed any longer. I have not been eating, just drinking a lit and I was trying to find my roots.

I have the feeling that I found them because I was seen and accepted the way I was. I was not the woman that people here expect me to be, but they saw me as the man that is inside me and lives the life of a man as much as possible.

My feelings get more and more emotional parts and that is a feeling that I like. My inner woman is the part that is generous and emotional and knows the feelings that others have. My inner man does not have any feelings, but he knows the truth and he is connected to the outer world and the future.

My inner woman has not had any chance to develop because of all those connections in my system that were disturbed. These connections are healing more and more which makes it possible for me to live my inner woman more and more.

My feelings get more and more emotional parts and that is a feeling that I like. My inner woman is the part that is generous and emotional and knows the feelings that others have. My inner man does not have any feelings, but he knows the truth and he is connected to the outer world and the future.


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