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C O R O N A - T H E R A P Y

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Exercises own responsibility
intensive care patient with addiction


ADDICTION through or not by CORONA

At the radio (dec 2022) is told that there are a lot more students than before that use drugs. They do not only use the usual ones like alcohol and sigarets, but now also the more dangerous ones like cocaine, gas or partypills are seen more. Students that feel resposible for their colleages, tell this a doctor that is in contact with them. The students think that the corona-rules that make normal life impossible, are ground of the expanding use of drugs.

Those corona-rules that restrict the possibilities to move are not only influencing the students, but everyone and not only students fly to the addicting or stupefying stuf to make the lonely life bearable. It will take some time before the consequenses of the corona-rules will get clear and will than anyone feel sorry that no one thought of them before?

The movement restricting corona-rules were introduced to prevent that the hospitals would get too many patient to take care of and than will not be able to give these patients the treatment they need because of a shortage of nurses and technical material.

It is said that because of the corona-rules there are as much patients as there are, but we will never know if that is true as there is no alternativ. A lot of people have immediately gone in quarantaine as they are afraid to get ill of the corona-virus.

Shops are closed, as well as library and hotels, restaurants a.s.o. and the supermarket is full of people that would prefer to go to a restaurant to have dinner. And in spite of the corona-rules, more and more people get infected with the covid-virus that had changed into various variations and one wonders how come? It is said that people do not follow the rules, but is that true?

Will we ever know what is the reason? Do sun, wind, birds, meat, vegetables, bread..... have any impact? One sees a vaccin as the solution in this malaise in stead of waiting for the immunity of the group. After the start of the vaccin, some persons have died which makes that the giving of the vaccin is tempararily stopped. The chance to die of the same problem during a flight by plane is much more higher, but people take the plane nevertheless.

And the movement restricting corona-rules make that parks and nature get overloaded with people that go out to enjoy the sun when the weather is nice. It is important to go out to move so the light of the sun helps to make vitamines that human being needs.

It is said that thanks to the vaccin less eldery people are in the hospitals. But is that true? At the beginning of the corona-crises a lot of elderly people died and maybe all the elderly that did not die at the beginning are the ones that have an inborn immunity?

Well, unfortunately there are much more people addicted to something that makes that they are in life danger than the people that are potentiel ic-patient because of the corona/covid-19 virus. People that know that they are addicted to something and want to be free, can try the following program:

Anytime when you want to do what your addinction tells you to do, get up, go out and walk a round around the church, the swimmingpool or your house.

(If your addiction is moving around, you may try to sit down and do nothing, let your thoughts come and go and do nothing else than the following exercises.)

During the round that you walk, hold one thumb with your other hand until it pulses, than hold your index finger until it pulses, than the middle finger until it pulses, the ring finger until it pulses and the little finger until it pulses. Than you do the same with the other hand and last but not least put your tips of your fingers in the palm of the other hand.

Hold thumb
until pulse

Hold index-finger
until pulse

Hold middle finger
until pulse

Hold ring finger
until pulse

Hold little finger
until pulse


in palm other hand


If you are still walking, you can put your hand on your back. One hand holds the ball of the little finger. You may feel that it starts to pulse or you may get warm. That is a good sign. Hold the hand until the warmth disappears and than you can change the hands.


If you feel that you want to follow your addiction again and seem to are going to do what you do not want to do and really do not want to go out, you might force yourself to drink 3 glasses of plain water (without bubbles!) and do the following 12 x2 pairs of touch. That stimulates your system to function normal. Connect the two places with each other and wait until you feel a pulse, during this you try to keep the thought on what you would like to do f.ex.: "I am free to feel free and to free myself of restricting thoughts!"

Be aware that everybody, so you too, is free to FEEL free, also if one IS (for what ever reason) not free. "Thoughts are free!" You are worth to take care of.


All organs have everywhere in the body reflex areas. Also in the fingers. By connecting two places with each other the connected organ is stiumelated.

2 h

one hand under clavicle -
other hand on backside skull other side

4 h

one hand under clavicle -
other hand on rib bow same side

6 h
thick intestine

one hand holds index finger other hand -
other hand that lies on shoulder other side

8 h

one hand under bone under eye other side -
other hand under clavicle same side

10 h

one hand under kruckle inside ankle -
other hand on coccys

12 h

one hand on shoulder same side -
other hand holds ball of little finger first hand

14 h
small intestine

one hand on third rib -
other hand on shoulder

16 h

one hand under popo -
other hand middle neck

18 h

one hand on upperside pubic -
other hand holds little too other foot

20 h

one hand lower parts ribs other side -
other hand on elbow first arm

22 h

one hand above eye other side -
other hand on elbow first are

0 h

one hand above eye same side -
other hand middel neck



Make sure that you drink a lot of water during the day, plain water, without anyting in it, so your body will be cleaned. It is of course very important that you go to the toilet a lot otherwise the water will stay in your body and you get thick of it. To make the water leave the body, physical movement is necessary. Therefore it is important to move and go out to walk for an hour or run half an hour.


You do not need a step counter for your health. There is a contraindication because that will be a temptation to use your computer which also can be or lead to an addiction. If you want to save yourself for that addiction, make that you do not have internet or close it and only open it 15 minutes of maybe 30 minutes a day to use.


It is better to pay everything with physical money, because than you feel in your hand how much money is worth. An Euro is heavier than a cent that, unfortunately, is not worth a cent anymore in Holland.....

On other pages you find some OTHER EXERCISES, that you can do and that will do good, even if you do not have the illness that is named.

Enjoy the positive attention that you give yourself this way en get in TOUCH if you like.

De onbeweeglijkheid van patiënt in coma veranderen in beweging

Change the immobility of the patient in coma into movement

Ändere die Unbeweglichkeit des Patienten im Wachkoma in Bewegung

Change l'immobilité du patient comateux mouvant

Endre det ubevegelige livet av pasient i koma i bevegelse

Believe what you want to believe
investigate what you want to discover
and move in freedom on this earth

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