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The wind is calm now. That was not the case on Pentecost 2012.

I went to the supermarket in Staufen and on my way back I met a woman on a bicycle. She stopped and told me that we knew each other and I knew she was right

But we both did not know where from. Freiburg she said and that could be. I have been around in the womens scene as I just arrived here.

I did not meet many women, but we saw each other now and than on parties or in town. We did not speak with each other, but we communicated without words.

We were not aware about this, bus that is, what I have been doing all my life. I once was in a bookstore in Utrecht and heard a voice that was so attractive to me that I did not turn to look who it belonged to.

I was afraid to be disappointed or to fall for this person and not being able to speak to her. This might have been the woman of my life that I missed because I did not dare to turn around and look at her.

Now I am not afraid any longer to look at people. I do not care if people tell me not to look at them. I decided that if they do not want me to look at them that they can not expect me to see them.

The child that gave me this opportunity did not want me to look at her and made a lot of fuss about my looking at her. Her mother told me that I was no longer allowed to look at her so I told the mother that that would mean I could not visit her any more.

I can not close my eyes partly. If I look, I look with all my eyes and that means that it happens that you have the feeling that I am looking through you. I was very pleased as I met a woman who also likes to look at people.

I love her from the heart, she is like a sister to me and I did not mind that she sent me away after I told her that she was acting like her mother.

I said this because that was what I observed. She sent me away but I was allowed to drink the water that her friend had made me and we just sat there and looked at each other.

It was nice to look at her and see who she is. She told me that she did not mind my looking at her and I was pleased to hear that.

As a child I often was told that I was not allowed to look at the people the way I was looking at them. I do not know why not, I did not knwo another way to look.

It was the only way I could look and see something. I do not know what I saw, but I knew who I could trust and who I could not trust.

I lost this knowing and that made that I had experiences that I had rather not had, because these experiences costed me a lot of money.

And not only that, I lost some of my dearest souvenirs that can not be replaced. And I still need souvenirs to be able to remember.

I am like a patient in coma who can not move. We need to be connected to our remembrance to be able to move.

I seem to be moving, but I do not move functionally. I am writing and making a website but that does not treat patients in coma sufficiently to help them to get up on their feet.

I still have too many disconnections to be able to attract those people that have the power to decide how the patient in coma is treated.

If they are treated with hpi coma therapy they can be on their feet in three years if they want. But only if this treatment is given 24 h. sur 24 the result can be good.

If no hpi coma therapy is given but the treatment is not changed, one can not expect the result to be different from the previous results.

If the intension of the treatment is to heal the patient, this can be the result if hpi coma therapy is given.

To do so, the whole team must know what they have to do to stimulate the patient to be able to move.

This is taught in hpi-educations and one must announce his interest and can propose a place and time to give this education.

In hpi coma therapy everything must be done the other way around and therefore the students organise where and when the course is given.


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These short stories
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