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The flowers


Our landlady has filled flowerpots with the small new plants that came out of the seed that she has put in the soil. She put them on our balcony and put my plants aside to put her pots there.

By doing so, she almost killed some of my plants, because they need to be put the same direction in the sun when they are moved, else they die.

I know that, because I took a plant with me after my mother died. This plant was full of flowers and I wanted to save it from dieing in the empty house where no one lived any more. My mother was a master to keep plants alive and make them flower and keep them flowering.

I have tried that too, but I did not succeed. The plants she kept alive die at my place. But this beautiful plant I wanted to keep alive so I did my best and was very sad as it felt apart.

I did not understand why but found a book and read that this special plant must be put in the same direction for the sun if it gets another place. And, as I did not know this, I had not noticed how it had been standing at my mothers place.

So I just put it in my room and had to collect all the pieces that dropped down. I do not like to kill, so I put them in the soil and was very happy to notice that they made them roots and became nice strong but little, plants.

I took one of the biggest with me and brought it to my old piano master who was very pleased to get this present that was a product of the love of my mothers and I was very pleased that she found a very good place for this plant where it grows very good and where it flowers like at my mothers.

My piano master is to me an example because of the mobility. Although being over 90, still playing the piano, not only "Eine kleine Nachtmusik" but Hayden's "Water music" and other piano concerts. I would like to have a similar mobility when I am over 90.

I noticed that I am much more flexible than I was as a kid. At school we sometimes had to do exercises that the others did not like. I loved them. They made me make movements that I never made and that made me feel my body.

I did not have connection with my physical body the way one should have. I got out of my body early in my life and had not come back totally so I did not have the connection with my physical body that normally is expected.

This part that did not come back into my physical body made that I did not feel what I needed nor did I become aware of what I needed. I lived the live of the unaware person that has no feelings.

"Koude kikker" they called me and that I was. I did not feel emotionally but only mentally and mental feelings are cold because they are without any emotions. The medical care has become more and more like this and makes that the patient in coma is not stimulated to be connected to his emotional body, which makes that the coma state retains.

The coma state is a state in which connections between the emotional body and the mental and physical body are not in function any longer but they are still there. By stimulating these connections, the function of the physical body will normalise and the patient will move again.

The function of the physical body will get better as soon as the patient is connected to the earth again. Through the trauma he lost a functional connection to the earth and if one can not use the earth as take off ground, one can not move.

No one can move without using the earth as take off ground. All movements human being make, are using the earth as take off ground so also patients in coma must be moved with the earth as take off ground.

This is explained at hpi-educations for coma therapists and for coma nurses.


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