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The human body is a very complicated system of what a little bit is known how it functions, but if we are honest, we must confess that we do not know how it functions. There are people that get thick from the air and other persons can eat dubble portions without gaining weight. Like there are people that always get influenza and other people that do not.

So we can conclude that the physical body is unique and not every body functions the same in the same circumstances. Maybe because the circumstances are never totally equal. We are all unique and that is a good thing. Even a pair of twins is formed of two individuals that go their own way. One of them is a pottery artist, the other one golsmith or one is a doctor and the other one finacial advisor.

During life human being experiences and these experiences have an impact on everything, so also on the physical body. Also are the convictions and fears that we have, influence the physical body. Louise L.Hay and Christinae Beerlandt and many other people have written about this and a lot of healing methods are the result of that.

There are many roads that lead to Rome as there are a lot of ways to change the function of the own physical body. The following exercises can help, but can not guarantee success for health. Sometimes the help of a doctor is needed, for exempel when two ribs and the arm were broken as well as a cervical vertebra.

Than you will be happy to find a doctor that sews the wound and gives a support for the neck. Maybe you would have liked your ribs to be taped, but as that was not done, the respiration that was very painful as long as the ribs were broken, will have changed.

One has to be very careful with the use of painkillers. The pain that one has is a warning that something is not as it should be. Finding the cause of the pain and repairing the system will avoid that the painkillers will poison the body.

Painkillers make that the warning signal is not perceived, which makes that one moves in a way that hurts, but as one does not feel that, the body is getting overasked again and again.

The body reacts slowly which makes f.ex. that only after years pain is felt and than arthroses is seen on the picture that is made, although there are also people that hardly show arthroses on the picture that is made because they have a very severe pain.

That shows the unique form of every human being. If we feel that we are important enough to pay attention to our physical body, it is better to do moving exercises or meditation than to coulor the hair or paste the face. Maybe one is allergic to the stuff one uses without knowing it.

The following exercises come out of various "methods" and are meant as help for those that want to change the function of their own physical body and are willing to use some time for that. Some of the exercises can be done during watching televison, taking a walk, lying in the bed or doing something else with hands feed. If one does not change anything, the chance is huge that nothing will change so it is worth a try to change something as the chance that something will change than is huge. Patience is absolutely needed as the physical body reacts slowly !

EXERCISES, that may help:

SWIM: the skin is moved when we swim, both from the inside through the movement of swimming and by the streaming of the water. Stroking may have the same function. Stroking of the upper leg from hip to below the knies stimulates the digestion.

EARTHEN: connect yourself with Earth, with the warm center of the earth and knoe that Earth is your base. Be aware that Earts feeds you, supports you and cleans. Maybe you can immagine that root grow from your feet into Earth which makes that you are connected, through Earth, with everybody on earth.

CHIN: massage the chin to loosen the tension there and try to find out what you want.

SING: sing out of you with joy to loosen tension and to better your lung function.

GAWN: open your mouth as wide as possible to stimulate gawning which relaxes the skull and betters the brdathing.


R0 = middle on the skull
L1 = middle between the ryrbrows
L2 = tip of the nose
L3 = upper side of the breast bone
L4 = middle breast bone
L5 = base breast bone
L6 = just above nave
L7 = upper side of the pubic bone
R8 = tail-bone


Right hand on the center of the head and the left one between the eyebrows. Change the left hand when a puls is felt. The right hand stays on the head and the left hand wanders down when a puls is felt, until the left hand lies on the pubic-bone. Than the left hand stays there and the right hand moves to the tail-bone.


Right thumb turns on nail of right ring finger
Left hand lies on the right shoulder
Both knees to each other


Left thumb turns on nail of left ring finger
Right hand lies on left shoulder
Both knees to each other


Left foot on inside
Right knee


Right foot on inside
Left knee


All organs have reflex points everywhere in the body. F.ex. in the fingers. If one "embraces" a finger by the other hand, the matching organs are stimulated.

Hold the thimb
until it pulses

Hold the forefinger
until it pulses

Hold the middle finger
until it pulses

Hold the ring finger
until it pulses

Hold the little finger
until it pulses


Fingertips in the
palm of the other hand


All organs have a time that they are mostly actif. This period lasts two hours. The time below shows the time that the organ works maximal. The organs are stimulated to normal funtion to hold the two places on the body and connect them with each other until they pulse:

2 o'clock

one hand under clavicula -
other hand on back of the head (other side)

4 o'clock

one hand under clavicula -
other hand on rib bow (same side)

6 o'clock
large intestine

one hand holds index finger other hand during -
other hand lies on shoulder (same side)

8 o'clock

one hand under cheekbone (other side) -
other hand under clavicle (same side)

10 o'clock

one hand under innen knuckel ankle -
other hand on tail-bone

12 o'clock

one hand on shoulder (same side) -
other hand holds hand part little finger

14 o'clock
small intestine

one hand on third rib -
other hand on shoulder

16 o'clock

one hand under po -
other hand halfway neck

18 o'clock

one hand upper side pubic bone -
other hand holds small too other foot

20 o'clock

one hand under side breast, rib bow (other side) -
other hand on elbow of first arm

22 o'clock

one hand above eye (other side) -
other hand on elbow first arm

0 o'clock

one hand above eye (same side) -
other hand halfway neck


The eyes have a central place in the skull. A lot of tension can come into existance in and around the eyes. A part of this tension can be diminished by treating the eyes. This can also better the function of the eyes. Twelve steps:

Hold the following points of both eyes
1. Inside of the eye
2. Betweeb the nose and the eyebrows
3. Upper side of the eyebrows little further from the center
4. On the eyebrow near the nose
5. Outside eyebrows
6. Outside eye
7. Almost halfway under eye on the bone
8. Bone under middle eye
9. Middle cheakbone under eye
10. Connect CHINN not visible on the drawing! with middle of forehead, a litt above the eyebrows(12)
11. Connect middle nosebone with middle forehead a litt above the eyebrows (12)
12. Middle forehead a litt above the eyebrows

The exercises given above can be done as series or, f.ex. when one only has a short time, just do one of the exercises. How more often the exercises are done, the more effect, but remember that it should not be top-sport. Because that would raise the tension, but one of the goals is diminishing the tension. When the idea of doing an exercise comes into your mind, do it, as the body asks for it and wants you to get aware about it.

Have a lot of pleasure doing the exercises !


De onbeweeglijkheid van patiënt in coma veranderen in beweging

Change the immobility of the patient in coma into movement

Ändere die Unbeweglichkeit des Patienten im Wachkoma in Bewegung

Change l'immobilité du patient comateux mouvant

Endre det ubevegelige livet av pasient i koma i bevegelse

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