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Bits or bites


It is such a pity that you did not dare to call me to invite me to your little bits party personally. The invitation for the one planet party I also got from another woman although it was your party.

You seem to be a master to invite people by not inviting them personally. Your first invitation was delivered as an exvitation. Your wonder what this means?

Very simple. That is an invitation that has the energy of: "do not come!" and I did not dare not to follow the energy that accompanied the invitation for the little bits party where we could have met the first time, knowing who we were.

We had met before but I do not recognise persons because of their physical body. I recognise people because of their energy and we had talked together quiet once some years before the little bits party.

I remembered after a while that it must have been you because the energy that accompanied our conversation fitted with your energy. We had talked about my castle that I wanted, to be able to do my work which was not yet known but I knew I would need a huge place to be able to do my work.

You listened to me and my ideas, and you gave me your opinion and I felt your love in it which made that I felt much better after our conversation and more secure about the rightness of my feelings.

We did not meet at that time because we had other things to do. It took years before we met because your mother needed support and I offered this support. She accepted it until she found out that you were interested in me.

That was the point of return. I was a danger because you were her baby and you were not to grow up. Than you would no longer take care of her and her needs and she would have to grow up and take care of her own needs and that she did not want.

She was longing for the old situation in which you would visit her without having anything else in your mind. You could not combine your life with hers because you were responsible for a lot of people and she could not stand it to stand at the end of this row.

I am not standing in any row any longer, but a lot of patients in coma are. They are standing in a row that I feel every minute of the day because they keep me in movement. They make me write.

They do not have a voice that can be heard with the outer ear. The inner ear must listen to hear it and as I am a non speaking autist, I developed my inner ear to be able to communicate with you and all the other non speaking autists.

We know who we are and we know who the other one is. We are soul mates and that can no one change. I love you and told you so and did not get any answer and that did not matter at all. I was just so happy to see you that I wanted to tell you that.

I do not have to see you to be in contact with you because we are soul mates and we both know that. We both were very disappointed that I had not been able to accept the invitation that you did not do.

At the concert I went to instead, I felt that not being at your little bits party was the disaster of my life that I had felt would take place. I was alert but nevertheless it happened. My retarded reactions were the reason for that.

I did not dare to change my plans and decided I would be at your next party but that never came. It is like the course that I was invited to whilst my friend was not invited. The man that invited had told before that always someone does not accept the invitation and I had thought: "That will not be me!"

I did not know at that time that I am an autist and that I do not accept "not", so what I thought came into my system as: "That will be me!" and that was what happened. I did not accept the invitation because my friend was not invited.

I thought I would accept the next invitation but that never came. I forgot all about it and only for 4 years, 24 years after this happened I remembered the whole story. I was about to get in touch with patients in coma and the man had been in coma.

Some weeks after he got in coma, he woke up and saw strange colours and things around people and he found out what these meant and he organised courses about that. I was not in such a course and do not really mind about it.

I went my own way, maybe it was longer because I was in coma such a long time but that made that I have all these experiences in coma and can tell about them now. He was in a physical coma and that I do not know out of experience and I would love to talk with him about that.

But I do not know if he wants to talk with me about that. I tried once to get an appointment with him but I was told he did not want to meet people that were not yet in his patient-archive. And that I was not. I had been at a speech he gave.

I give now speeches about how a patient in coma should be treated to be able to get a chance to move again and I give educations of hpi-therapy for therapists of coma patients or nurses of coma patients. The coma treatment must be changed if the result of the coma therapy is wanted to change.


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