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Is a bell necessary


Is a bell necessary on a bicycle?

That is a question that I answer with: YES! I have the experience that I need a bell if I am crossing town on my bicycle. I have to be able to let people know, that I am coming and this not only energetically but also physically when I drive my bicycle.

To me it is important, that I am able to let people know in advance that I am coming and some people are so much in coma that they do not receive my energetic message. I used to be the same.

This coma is not the “not being able to move” coma that patients in coma have after a trauma that was so severe that they hardly died. The coma of people that do not receive energetic messages is a mental coma.

A mental coma is a state of awareness that excludes the mental awareness. This state is very useful if the person had very painful experiences that he does not want to be remembered of. Through going into the mental coma the remembrance is cut off, but also the connection to the events that will take place in the future is cut off.

This person will not be able to tell you what he just has been doing or how he feels. He has feelings, but he does not want to be aware them as he is afraid that they will hurt. His pain is so deep and strong that he does everything to avoid feeling the pain.

His fear makes that he acts very contradictionarily to what happens. This person will try to get in contact but he will run away as soon as the contact gets closer. This person will change his behaviour so he will be sent away. He has to be send away to wake up.

He has to wake up to get aware of his behaviour that includes abusing the energy of other people without feeling the guilt that the other one makes about it. Being the owner of a house and borrowing it to someone to be able to sell the house does not give the house the honour that it needs to be honoured.

The person that borrows this house can abuse the house to his behaviour of not wanting to share his richness and that will make that the owner can not sell the house without a big loss. The person that borrows the house can only honour the house when the house is his own or when the house can not be used for what it is meant to be.

This is the situation of the first house that my eye felt on after I started the hpi-therapy. This house has had my attention from the beginning of the time I lived in the village where the house stands. The house was not used and I dreamt of living in it and giving my seminars and working there.

This house is now for sale and until now, no one bought it. I do not yet have the money but I got connexion to a young woman that also has a dream and our dreams complete each other. We can dream and make plans about the house without having any security if we will be able to start this dream and to me, this is a great treasure.

My dreams have always been huge. I was told I hade to develop a new therapy to treat this woman that would get an accident and go in coma, hoping that would heal the family situation. I at the time she told me that thought I would not be able to do so, but I did.

I developed hpi-therapy, with help of the woman that told me in advance I had to develop this therapy and with help of all those other persons that I met on my education as a course-leader. I had tried to become a teacher before, but at that organisation they thought I were not ready for that.

They told me that my behaviour did not fit for a teacher. I was not a teacher yet and I saw the same behaviour at teachers who were teacher already. To me, after this happened 3 times, it was clear: they are right, I am not the right person to become a teacher in this organisation.

The teachers are allowed to behave the way they do and if the students mirror that behaviour, they are not capable to become teachers. That is a behaviour that shows the coma state of people that are not aware of what they are doing.

They do observe what the other is doing but they do not observe what they do themselves. They are not aware of the mirroring behaviour of the others but think that the other is the cause of their own behaviour.

Tonight we both made a list of all the things we want to do with the house. The house is not just one house, it has 3 buildings. The main house is the part with the café and the kitchen. There is also a room that used to be the breakfast room.

This room can be used for other activities. Breakfast can be given in the café. Everything will be prepared just before breakfast, so it will be as fresh as possible and no rests to be thrown away. Food is a luxury and the earth gives us lots of it but we do not have to waste them.

There are people on earth that do not have this richness of food that could have more if we would waste less. The breakfast room will be activity room. There will be the possibility to express oneself with colour, paint, clay and what else will come to it.

The breakfast will be served at the café where it will also be possible to eat pancakes, pannekoeken, crêpes, poffertjes or Pfannkuchen. All sorts of pancakes will be served and everyday there will be a “Pancake of the day”.

The café and the rest of the house will be a HOTSPOT that means that everywhere in the house one can get into the internet by WLAN. So people can come, have a pancake or just a cup of tea or coffee or chocolate and do their work or hobby in the internet.

That saves a lot of energy. In stead of having to heat and lighten all the different houses, they all come to the hpi pannekoeken hotel café HOTSPOT SNI, do their work, have their chat if they like and enjoy the loveful house.

This is what the house wants. It wants to feel the love flow again. It has been too long since. The owner has the love and that was shown in the period that the house was not in use. Every Wednesday the windows were opened and fresh air was let in.

Flowers were in the flower cases at the windows and the lights were shining. I have been looking in more than once and I came in with a friend after we tried to have dinner at the restaurant at the camping place.

We did not get a table there. The place was full. And so we drove to this house because I had noticed that it was open now. We had a very good dinner and a nice chat. So I came there again and again and enjoyed the great meals I got there.

And now, the place is shut down again. It is waiting for another use than the one that was. Times changed and the house noticed this. It wants to serve persons that are depressive as well as autistic people and patients in coma.

Patients in coma are aware of everything that is going on. Their only problem is that they can not move! And this can be changed if they get the right treatment. They do not have special needs but an electric rolling chair with standing possibility and one of the buildings of the house can be installed to house these patients until they can move again and go their own way again.

That building can be used on the ground floor for the treatment and housing of the patients in coma, the first floor will be prepared to receive autistic people and their accompany. Autistic people are people that are so much connected to the universe that they know what others need to avoid problems in the future.

This knowledge can be used for the healing of the patients in coma. All persons involved will have great benefit of this construction of the house. There will not have to be huge changes but small ones like a possibility for the wheelchairs to come in the two houses where they will live and eat. If they eat.

At the beginning the patient in coma does not need food and this is also the case for other persons. And others want to eat in the middle of the night so we will install a small kitchen in every building that is open for everyone 24 h. sur 24.

This small kitchen will give the opportunity to the visitors and inhabitants to make coffee, tea, chocolate or something to eat or just put the pizza or lasagne in the oven. This has a very nice secondary affect: the possibility of contact!

The modern person does not have the contact that used to be. The modern person has his computer with facebook and looks in facebook and talks through facebook. Facebook is internet so, give the persons to meet his friends at your place and some new friends that are worth to put off the facebook.

The new friends can be touched, they tell you what and listen to you answer and you feel and hear the emotions that accompany this talk. Lots of people now have contact problems. They seem to have lots of contacts through their facebook but they are at home every evening all alone.

The huge television screen that stands or covers the wall in lots of houses nowadays is not really an item to give more possibilities to make contact. My mother drove with us, children, into town, ca. 20 min trip by car, to visit the college of my father.

They had a television and we did not have one. Once a week we went there and my mother and her friend discussed god and the world while we, children watched television. Television was from 17.00 until 17.45 and after that the Belgian television gave some more until about 18.00 o’clock. After that, television was finished and we played with lego.

I always built myself houses with a lot of rooms and it seems that the time has come that I start to buy these houses to change them into hpi houses. Hpi has a lot of meanings. It started with hokus pokus nach isabelle that became healing polarity integration and now it wants another name again. Heal persons ideas is what an hpi house wants.

Lots of persons do have a richness of ideas, like I always had, but do not know how to manifest them. I found my way and was very happy to have all the experiences I had and to meat those people that had the same ideas and by that stimulated me while other people just told me I am crazy.

I always felt that I was crazy and now it is to me an honour to be called crazy. It shows that people are aware of my richness. I did so many different things in my life that I decided that I want to combine them all and the above written concept of using the house that my eye fell on is one of the forms to do that.

I will always come back to instruct therapists, nursing people and personal assistants for patients in coma but on the other hand I will no longer be living here. My place to live will be another one and I know that the house is in very good hands. I trust these hands as my own hands and will be glad to come back often to give the educations that are needed so people in coma will be treated the way they need.

My coma is not yet totally healed and I will have to leave here to heal that so I will be able to tell about how to heal all coma states. That is important as more and more people get hurt by the way the community treats them.

The children of today are the grown up from tomorrow and the grown up from today have to heal themselves to avoid that their children will have the same problems that they have. That is part of all the hpi educations and courses so the world will be able to live love and peace to the benefit of the whole.



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