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Your kitchen is a mess. I notice it and do not understand how you wash off. I wash my dishes and my pan usually right after I used them. They are the easiest to wash off than.

If I wait with doing it, I need much more energy to get my dish and my pan clean. The same counts for the cooker. I usually clean that even while I am cooking. The oil that spreads around is than very easy to clean away.

If I wait until it is gone cold, it sticks to the cooker. I do not like to waste energy, so I am lazy. The lazier I am, the most effective way I will look for to do things. You seem to be lazy but this laziness is not the energy saving one, so you do not clean the cooker while you are cooking, but you do it the day after which makes that you have to use special aids to get it clean.

You are a master in connecting people but also there you are not using the energy saving method that always gives the maximum result.

You use your internet but not for that, what you need now. You seem not interested to take care of your future. You think that the world is waiting for you like I do, but you do not make an effort to get in contact with those people that need your quality.

It seems you are not even aware about your quality so you do not know how to get in contact with those that need your quality. You should have a job where you must connect people. We are connected. You make it possible to me to connect myself with other people who can help me to be able to teach what I can teach and this is a huge aid for those people who are looking for that what I teach.

But I can not do your washing off. I can help you by telling you what I observe. You will decide how you live your life. No one else is the cause of the mess in your kitchen. You are the boss and what the boss does is copied by the others.

Your attitude is not loving yourself so that is what the others do too. And because you do not love yourself, you can not love others and they ca not love you. If you want to change your situation you will have to start to accept yourself the way you are with the behaviour you have now.

Than you can change this behaviour if you want to. And if you want to, you will change it. You will be honest to yourself and the others will be honest to you. You will take care of your dishes. You will fill them with your qualities and you will clean them if they are filthy.

No one can dirty your dishes without your permission. You hand them out and I are grateful that you hand me out some too. I will not wash them off because they will not get dirty of me.

I use them to make contact to be able to teach for the EDUCATION of COMA-THERAPIST and COMA-NURSE.


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